PMLS-Lesson 8 midterm

its main task is to provide accurate and reliable information to medical doctors for diagnosis, prognosis, treatment and management of diseases
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1. according to function
-clinical pathology
-anatomic pathology
2. according to institutional characteristics
-insitution based
3. according to ownership
-government owned
-privately owned
4.according to service capability
-pirmary category
-secondary category
-tertiary category
-national reference laboratory
activities performed in this section include tissue processing, cutting into sections, staining and preparation for microscopic examination by a pathologisthispathology/cytologyencompases all activities starting from a medical doctor writing a laboratory request up until the results are generated and become useful info.laboratory testing cycle3 phases of tlaboratory testing cyclepre-analytic, analytic and post-analytica cycle that includes the receipt of the laboratory requestpre-analytic phasea cycle that deals with the actual testing of the submitted/collected specimenanalytic phasea cycle that includes the transmission of test results to the medical doctor for interpretation, TAT and application of doctor's recommendationspost-analyticQA stands for?quality assuranceit encompases all activities performed by laboratory personnel to ensure reliability of test results.quality assurance2 major components of QAInternal Quality AssuranceQu System (IQAS) External Quality Assurance System (EQAS)Includes day to day activities that are undertaken in order to control factors or variables that may affect the resultsIQASa system for checking performance among clinical laboratories and is facilitated by designated external agenciesEQASwhat does NRL stand for?National Reference Laboratorieswhat is the DOH designated EQAS?NRL