Anatomy Exam 2 Practice

With regard to the right main bronchus:
a. it's wider than the left
b. it's longer than the left
c. it's angled
d. all are incorrect
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The vessels that lack the tunica externa are the:ArteriolesWhich of the following distinguishes the epidermis from the dermis? a. the epidermis is epithelial tissue, whereas the dermis is connective tissue b. the epidermis is connective tissue, whereas the dermis is epithelial tissue c. the epidermis is connective tissue, whereas the dermis is fatty tissue d. the epidermis is fatty tissue, whereas the dermis is epithelial tissuea. the epidermis is epithelial tissue, whereas the dermis is connective tissueIf you were describing carpal tunnel syndrome to classmates, which statement would you NOT want to make? a. it only affects the exterior muscles of the forearm b. it causes inflammation around the median nerve c. it can result from repetitive finger movements d. it can result in tingling, numbness, and painful movements of the wrista. it only affects the exterior muscles of the forearmWhich type of capillaries cross the blood-brain barrier?Specialized continuousThe intercostal veins drain directly into the following except: a. SVC b. Azygos vein c. Hemi-azygos vein d. Accessory hemi-azygos veina. SVCWhat heart chambers pump deoxygenated blood?Right atrium and right ventricleWhich of the following arteries might not be a direct branch from the thoracic aorta: a. posterior intercostal arteries b. anterior intercostal arteries c. subcostal arteries d. right common carotidd. right common carotidWhat part of the cardiac conduction system is located in the posterior wall of the right atrium, adjacent to the entrance of the SVC?SA NodeThe superior mediastinum contains all of the following except? a. thymus b. brachiocephalic veins c. pulmonary branches d. thoracic aortad. thoracic aortaThe papillary muscles attach to the cusps of the atrioventricular valves by means of the: a. chordae tendineae b. papillary muscles c. crista terminalis d. pectinate musclesa. chordae tendinaeThe parietal pleura covers all the following surfaces except? a. costal b. diaphragmatic c. mediastinum d. epiglotticd. epiglotticThe following are functions of the dermis except: a. anchors epidermal accessory structures b. storing water c. storing fat d. sensory receptorsc. storing fatWhich capillaries have "gaps" in them?SinusoidsThe sternal angle is the landmark for all of the following except: a. hemi azygos vein drains to azygos vein b. pulmonary trunk c. thymus d. bifurcation of the tracheaa. hemi azygos vein drains to azygos veinThe sinusoids are found in the: a. lungs b. liver c. kidneys d. endocrine organsb. liverRegarding the the fibrous pericardium all of the following are true except? a. attached to the visceral pericardium b. made of dense connective tissue c. prevents overfilling of the heart d. attached to the serous membraned. attached to the visceral pericardiumWith regard to the mediastinum: a. the esophagus is the superior mediastinum b. the arch of the aorta is in the inferior mediastinum c. the trachea is in the middle mediastinum d. the anterior mediastinum is posterior to the manubriuma. the esophagus is the superior mediastinumAll of the following are cell types included in the epidermis except: a. melanocytes b. merkel cells c. keratinocytes d. fibroblastsd. fibroblastsAll of the following are actions of the lumbricals except: a. extension of PIP joints b. flexes MCP joints c. extension of the DIP joints d. abducts MCP jointsd. abducts MCP joints