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noun - a teenaged person


noun - a person found guilty of a crime and sentenced by a court; a person serving a sentence in prison
verb - to prove (a person) guilty; to judge and find guilty of an offense


noun - an absolute ruler; king with unlimited powers; autocrat; anyone in charge who acts like a tyrant


adjective - strange; odd; weird


adjective - unreasonably enthusiastic; overly zealous
noun - a person whose extreme zeal (intense enthusiasm) goes beyond what is reasonable


adjective - fleeing, apt to flee, or having fled, as from danger, justice, etc.; passing quickly away; fleeting
noun - a person who flees, or has fled, from danger, justice, etc.; a fleeting or elusive thing

lame duck

noun - an elected official whose term extends beyond the time of the election at which he/she was not reelected


noun - a master in any art; especially a great composer, conductor, or teacher of music


noun - an unbranded animal, especially a strayed calf; a person who takes an independent stand, as in politics, refusing to conform to that of a party or group


noun - a person who lives at the expense of another or others without making any useful contribution or return; hanger-on; in biology, a plant or animal that lives in an organism of another species from which it derives sustenance or protection without benefit to, and usually with harmful effects on, the host


noun - a person in feudal (period during medieval times in Europe) servitude, bound to his master's land and transferred with it to a new owner; any perosn who is oppressed and without freedom


noun - a person who goes over to the opposite side or party; traitor


adjective - undisciplined; unrestrained; recklessly or arrogantly ignoring justice, decency, mortality, etc.
noun - a wanton person or thing


noun - one who has fear or hatred of strangers or foreigners or of anything foreign or strange


noun - clown or buffoon; silly or foolish person; simpleton
adjective - of or characteristic of a zany; comical in an extravagantly ludicrous manner; foolish or crazy

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