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  1. Within 3 years after the 1st movie with voices, millions of people were going to "_______", or movies with sound,each WEEK.
  2. Many people say the very 1st broadcast by a radio station was done on November 2,1920 from the top of an office building in ___________,____________.
  3. The election that was said to be broadcast on the radio was when Warren G. _________ won against James M. _______.
  4. Many people read the works of writers such as ______________________, _________________, &_______________________.
  5. many of O'Keeffe's paintings show images of _________________________, _______________, & ______________.
  1. a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
  2. b Harding, Cox
  3. c animal bones, flowers, deserts
  4. d Countee Cullen, Claude McKay, Zora Neale Hurston
  5. e talkies

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  1. rebirth
  2. John Coltrane
  3. "Babe" Ruth
  4. society's problems
  5. Bessie Smith

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  1. During the 1920's what was the name of the neighborhood that became a center for African American writers,musicians, & artists?city, buildings, crowds


  2. renaissancein northern Manhattan in New York City


  3. _____________ wrote the words & music for 20 musicals and starred in them as well.Jazz


  4. Jazz began in the __________ & the ____________ in the early 1900s & can now be heard around the world.white


  5. For the 1st time people from Main to California could hear the same ________ and the same ________ on the, shows