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  1. With radios, people could listen to _______ & ______. Radios also brought ___________ events from around the country into people's homes.
  2. Name 2 sports that gained popularity in the 1920's.
  3. Some believe jazz started in clubs on the south side of ______________. Others think it began in _________________________ with music that African Americans played during funeral marches.
  4. What was the music of the 1920's?
  5. Jazz was well liked by both black & ________ Americans.
  1. a Chicago, New Orleans
  2. b white
  3. c tennis & golf
  4. d jazz
  5. e music, news, sporting

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  1. "Babe" Ruth
  2. radio
  3. culture
  4. George & Ira Gershwin
  5. radio operator

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  1. Jazz began in the __________ & the ____________ in the early 1900s & can now be heard around the world.New Orleans,funeral


  2. What was jazz influenced by?in northern Manhattan in New York City


  3. Two movies other than "The Jazz Singer" people enjoyed watching were ______________ and _______________."Wings" , "The Kid"


  4. People used ot enjoy ballroom dances, now they danced the ______________.Charleston


  5. During the 1900's jazz developed many styles, including swing, bebop,and fusion. It also influenced ____________ _______ __________ and other kinds of popular music.wireless telephones