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  1. By the end of the 1920's, more than _______ stations had joined KDKA on the air, and more than ____ __________ people in the U.S. owned RADIOS.
  2. Where was Harlem?
  3. After spending time in ______ __________, O'Keeffe began painting scenes that reflected the landscape of the _______-___________ United States.
  4. What was the music of the 1920's?
  5. Radio & movies help people learn waht life was like in other parts of the _________ _________.
  1. a in northern Manhattan in New York City
  2. b New Mexico, south-western
  3. c jazz
  4. d 600,13 million
  5. e United States

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  1. to broadcast music to the radios in people's homes
  2. Cohan
  3. rock and roll
  4. Jazz Age
  5. New Orleans,funeral

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  1. Many people went to Harlem clubs to see dancers like ________________________ .Bill "Bojangles" Robinson


  2. New types of writing developed in the 1920's. ____________ _________ was an example of this. He became famous for his PLAIN but VIVID writing style.Ernest Hemingway


  3. The election that was said to be broadcast on the radio was when Warren G. _________ won against James M. _______.dances


  4. People flocked to theaters to see plays. Musical comedies such as those written by George M. __________ were very popular.Cohan


  5. ___________ Gershwin became famous for pieces like "Someone to Watch Over Me" and "Rhapsody in Blue".Jazz