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  1. Stylish women from the times were known as "______________".
  2. Movies with sound were called _________.
  3. What is improvised playing?
  4. Name 2 of jazz's earliest performers.
  5. For the 1st time people from Main to California could hear the same ________ and the same ________ on the radio.
  1. a playing in which musicians create different melodies as they play
  2. b flappers
  3. c music, shows
  4. d "talkies"
  5. e Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton

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  1. "The Jazz Singer"
  2. up
  3. the traditional music of West Africa as well as by ragtime, spirituals, and blues music
  4. culture
  5. talkies

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  1. What makes jazz unique?improvised playing


  2. It was DURING the 1920's that movies got _________.Louis Armstrong and Jelly Roll Morton


  3. Many heard histoy making events such as the moment Gene _________ won a 10 round boxing match against Jack ___________.Tunney,Dempsey


  4. Who were 2 of the decade's most popular composers (they were brothers)? They did not write jazz, but their music was influenced by jazz.George & Ira Gershwin


  5. David Sarnoff was a ________ __________. His plan was ot broadcast music to the radios in people's homes,radio