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  1. many of O'Keeffe's paintings show images of _________________________, _______________, & ______________.
  2. During the 1900's jazz developed many styles, including swing, bebop,and fusion. It also influenced ____________ _______ __________ and other kinds of popular music.
  3. jazz
  4. With radios, people could listen to _______ & ______. Radios also brought ___________ events from around the country into people's homes.
  5. Jazz was also influenced by blues music sung by African Americans such as ____________ ___________.
  1. a animal bones, flowers, deserts
  2. b Bessie Smith
  3. c a music style influenced by the music of West Africa as well as by spirituals and blues
  4. d music, news, sporting
  5. e rock and roll

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  1. culture
  2. city, buildings, crowds
  3. Billie Holiday, Ethel Waters
  4. United States
  5. Radio,movies

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  1. _____________ wrote the words & music for 20 musicals and starred in them as well.George


  2. Many say the 1st broadcast by a radio station in Pennsylvania was by 2 announcers for the radio station KDKA. The broadcast was about the _______ of the _______ election.results, presidential


  3. Where was Harlem?a time of great interest and activity in the arts


  4. It was DURING the 1920's that movies got _________."talkies"


  5. Movies with sound were called _________.composers