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  1. Name 2 sports that gained popularity in the 1920's.
  2. The election that was said to be broadcast on the radio was when Warren G. _________ won against James M. _______.
  3. Langston __________ was another popular Harlem writer who often wrote about what it was like to be African American in the Unitede States.
  4. Today jazz continues to surprise its listeners. As saxophone player ________ ___________ said, "There are always new sounds to imagine; newfeelings to get at.".
  5. Renaissance is French for " ________".
  1. a tennis & golf
  2. b Hughes
  3. c Harding, Cox
  4. d John Coltrane
  5. e rebirth

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  1. culture
  2. society's problems
  3. modern
  4. dances
  5. rock and roll

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  1. Three artists who often painted realistic pictures of everyday scenes & of exciting events of the time were______________________, ______________________________, & ________________________________.Georgia O'Keeffe, Edward Hopper, & Charles Burchfield


  2. For the 1st time people from Main to California could hear the same ________ and the same ________ on the, shows


  3. Movies with sound were called _________."talkies"


  4. New types of writing developed in the 1920's. ____________ _________ was an example of this. He became famous for his PLAIN but VIVID writing style.Bill "Bojangles" Robinson


  5. Radio & movies help people learn waht life was like in other parts of the _________ _________.Charleston


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