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Plant Processes Notes

A geranium gets the water needed to survive through its __________.
Carbon dioxide enters a plant through its __________.
The outer layer of a leaf is called the __________.
Small openings on the epidermis of plant leaves are called __________.
When a plant is losing too much water, it can __________ its stomata.
The reason most plant leaves look green is because of __________ in their cells.
You are outside admiring the flowers on a rose bush. Looking at the green leaves, the green light is __________ from chlorophyll.
The process where light energy is trapped in a plant's chlorophyll and produces sugars is called __________.
Chlorophyll and other pigments are involved in __________.
light-dependent reactions
Carbon dioxide is involved in __________.
light-independent reactions
Plant photosynthesis helps humans because __________.
the process adds oxygen to the atmosphere
Aerobic respiration takes place in which organelle?
__________ is the process that breaks down food molecules and releases energy.
Respiration is important to most organisms because __________.
food energy is converted into a form for cell use
Photosynthesis is a plant process used to __________.
store energy
You duck your head when a baseball is thrown toward your face. You are responding to __________.
an external stimulus
A plant's response to touch is called __________.
A vine growing up the wall outside your classroom is an example of a response to __________.
negative gravitropism
Positive phototropism can cause plant leaves to change growing patterns and __________.
grow towards a light source
Which of these is NOT a hormone that affects plant growth?
Auxin is a hormone that causes plants to respond to __________.
positive phototropism
The hormone that promotes faster cell division in plants is called __________.
The hormone that helps plants conserve water is __________.
abscisic acid
Spinach is a plant that needs short nights to flower. It is a __________ plant.
You are traveling in Costa Rica and see many lettuce plants growing in fields. You conclude that lettuce is __________.
a long-day plant