Orofacial Anatomy Post Test #13

Each of the following is true of the parotid gland EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?
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Most of the ducts of the sublingual gland open along the sublingual fold.TrueThe maxillary anterior teeth are supplied by which branch of the maxillary artery?Anterior superior alveolarThe external jugular vein empties into the subclavian vein.TrueThe external carotid artery has numerous branches that supply the head and neck area with blood. The ascending pharyngeal artery is a branch within the anterior branch.The first statement is true; the second statement is false.The lingual and the facial arteriesoften join together before branching separatelyMinor salivary glands are most often pure mucous cells.TrueAll of muscles surrounding the oral cavity interlace with the orbicularis oris.TrueAll muscles of mastication are attached to an area of the mandible.TrueThe structure located between the anterior and posterior pillars is thepalatine tonsilThe levator veli palatini elevates the posterior end of the soft palate. It joins the tensor veli palatini in tensing the soft palate.The first statement is true; the second statement is false.The pterygopalatine artery supplies most of the nasal cavity. At the sphenopalatine foramen, it emerges as the nasopalatine artery to anastomose with the greater palatine artery.The first statement is true; the second statement is false.Food moves directly from the pharynx to the stomach.FalseBlood from the brachiocephalic vein flows into the vena cava and into theHeartThe temporal muscle has a very narrow origin. Contraction of the entire temporalis elevates the mandible.The first statement is false; the second statement is true.The facial artery is the blood supply for all of the following EXCEPT one. Which one is the EXCEPTION?Oral and nasal cavitiesThe lingual salivary glands are classified as major salivary glands and divided into several groups. The anterior lingual glands, found near the tip of the tongue, are mostly serous in nature.Both statements are false.