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Vocabulary from the guidebook packet for Chapter 16 in American Pageant.


Rule by a small elite.


Devotion to the social values, customs, or beliefs thought to be characteristic of the European Middle Ages.


Fee paid to an agent in a transaction, usually as a percentage of the sale.


In commerce, those who stand between the producer and the retailer or consumer.


Belief in the superiority of one race over another or behavior reflecting such a belief.


Legally, the condition of being declared unable to meet legitimate financial obligations or debts, requiring special supervision by the courts.


Someone who governs or directs the work of another.


Intentional destruction or damage of goods, machines, or productive processes.


Literally, concerning the killing of brothers; the term is often applied to the killing of relatives or countrymen in feuds or civil wars.


Killing of sisters.


Killing of fathers.


Killing of mothers.


The condition of being crude, uneducated, or uncivilized.

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