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a city-state in ancient Greece


focused on military service


the capital and largest city of Greece

Mt. Olympus

Mythical home of the highest Greek gods and goddesses

Iliad & Odyssey

Before plays were acted out, these two famous pieces of literature would be read out loud by dramatic speakers during competitions to see who could make them sound most exciting.


ancient Greek epic poet who is believed to have written the Iliad and the Odyssey (circa 850 BC)


of or relating to or characteristic of ancient Mycenae or its inhabitants

Persian War

conflict between Persia and Greece; Persia wanted to punish Athens for helping another city- state

Peloponnesian War

A war in which Athens and its allies were defeated by the league centered on Sparta

Phillip II of Macedonia

conquered Greece in 338 B.C

Alexander the Great

Conquered and ruled an empire stretching from Macedonia to the Indus Valley


a city and its surrounding lands that act as a government

Trojan War

a great war fought between Greece and Troy


belief in many gods

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