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  1. identity theft
  2. mutual fund
  3. Discretionary income
  4. cost-benefit analysis
  5. impulse buying
  1. a Buying things because you emotion that you cannot control
  2. b money left over after paying for these necessities that can be used for satisfying wants or savings
  3. c the co-option of another person's personal information (e.g., name, social security number, credit card number, passport) without that person's knowledge and the fraudulent use of such knowledge
  4. d economic model that compares the marginal costs and marginal benefits of a decision
  5. e a regulated investment company with a pool of assets that regularly sells and redeems its shares

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  1. an exchange that occurs as a compromise
  2. Something that is greatly need and one/something could not go on with out what is needed
  3. the use of money to buy a want or need
  4. the amount of money you gain or owe over time
  5. extra benefit that is given

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  1. scarcitya small and inadequate amount and runing out


  2. certificate of deposita cost that rises or falls depending on how much is produced and how high.low hte demand is


  3. marginal costthe increase or decrease in costs as a result of one more or one less unit of output


  4. checking accounta account to put your money for savings


  5. revenueSomething that is greatly need and one/something could not go on with out what is needed