21 terms

Psychology 101 Quiz 2

Define: Consciousness
different levels of awareness
Define: Continuum of Consciousness
A wide range of consciousness experiences from being very aware (alert) to totally unresponsive
List the Levels of Consciousness
Controlled Process
Automatic Process
Altered States of Consciousness
Define: Controlled Process
Full awareness, concentration, trying to reach goal
Define: Automatic Process
Requires little attention, does not interfere with other ongoing activities
Define: Daydreaming
low level of awareness, during automatic process
1. requires no effort
2. generally provides pleasure or escape
(FRUED daydreaming is a release, fantasizing/dreaming while awake)
Define: Altered States of Consciousness
Results from any number of procedures to produce awareness that DIFFERS from normal consciousness
EXAMPLE: meditation/hypnosis/sleep deprivation - changes perceptions
Define: Dreaming
Unique state of consciousness
we are asleep
experience a variety of visual, auditory, tactile images
(FRUED everyone does it and it represents waking life)
Define: unconsciousness
A total lack of sensory awareness and no response to environ men
Can be a result from disease, trauma, blows to the head, anesthesia
Define: biological clock
internal timing - genetically set - regulates physiological response
What to do if circadian rhythm upset?
Light therapy or melatonin.
Reason for it to get upset include: jet lag and work schedule (night shift)
Why do we sleep?
Repair and adapt.
Repair - activities during the day deplete factors that need to be restored.
Adaptive - evolved from early humans to protect from night predators and not wast energy.
What happens when we miss sleep?
Affects immune system (makes us sick) b/c we are more (BODY)
vulnerable to bacteria (BODY)
irritable and unhappy (BRAIN)
lack concentration (BRAIN)
possible have hallucinations (BRAIN)
What is the VPN?
A master sleep switch which is a group of cells that secretes a neurotransmitter. VPN off - you wake up VPN on - you go to sleep
What is SAD?
Seasonal Affective Disorder = depressive symptoms showing up in fall/winter (darker) Can cycle with season.
Define: insomnia
A common sleep problem in which it is difficult or staying asleep. Caused by stress, changing sleep patterns, medical problems
Define: sleep apnea
periods during sleep when breathing stops and sometimes you wake up (less than 10 seconds)
- frequent & intense snoring
- happens 100x a night
Define: narcolepsy
RARE chronic disorder - excessive sleepiness in form of sleep attacks - goes into a brief REM SLEEP
Define: night terrors
waking up suddenly in fearful state - wake up with a scream no memory
Define: nightmares
bad dreams - usually about being attacked or something else gives you anxiety (REM SLEEP) and you DO remember what your dreamed
Define: Sleepwalking
NON REM sleep - poor coordination/poor conversation. Do not remember.