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Trinity High School Junior Theology Ms. Kimberly Hogan


The destruction of a child after conception but before birth.

Assisted Suicide

Any action or omission of action that assists another person in bringing about his own death.


The belief that one is entirely independent and is responsible only to himself for his actions and the direction of his life. A false conception of this can lead to atheism.


Derived from the Greek word BIOS (life) and ETHOS (ethics), the discipline dealing with ethical questions related to human life that arise as a result of advances in medicine and biology.

Capital Punishment

An act by the legitimate authority of a state or nation to put a criminal to death.


The process of developing a person or animal from one somatic cell of its parent, thus it is genetically identical to that parent. Because God created man in his image and likeness, human cloning can never be moral.

Culture of Death

Indicating a society or culture that tolerates or favors acts and ideas that are an affront to the dignity of human life.

Dignity of Human Life

The quality of being worth or honorable, worthiness, nobleness, excellence. Every human person, by reason of his or her creation in the image and likeness of God, has an intrinsic dignity.


From the Greek meaning "good death," an action or omission of an action that, by itself or by intention, causes a person's death in order to eliminate suffering.


Censured by a bishop in response to a grave, habitual, public sin.

Extraordinary Means

Life-sustaining forms of medical care that are radically painful, excessively expensive, doubtfully able to accomplish their designated objective, and radically burdensome.

Just War

The principle that war may be legitimately waged, under certain specific conditions, for the protection of a nation's rights.


The sinful killing of a human being with malice aforethought. This is listed among the sins that cry to Heaven and is forbidden by the Fifth Commandment.


The action of disfiguring a part of the body, sometimes rendering it useless or wounded.


Term commonly used to identify individuals and organizations that favor the availability of legalized abortion.


Term commonly used to identify individuals and organizations that oppose abortion and other affronts to human dignity.


Holy, worth of great respect or veneration.


An attitude or behavior that leads another to do evil.


The destruction of fertility and fruitfulness, the rendering incapable of producing offspring, especially by surgical or chemical procedures affecting the reproductive organs.


The act of taking one's own life. Self-murder. This is forbidden by the Fifth Commandment.

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