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Which of the following developments can be most directly attributed to Portuguese and Spanish state sponsorship of maritime exploration in the late fifteenth century?
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Which of the following best describes the author's claim in the second paragraph?Despite the small size of Barbadian plantations, the landowners on Barbados are very wealthy.Which of the following is an implicit argument made by the author in the passage?Coerced labor systems have allowed a minority of the population of Caribbean colonial societies to reap enormous economic benefits.As outlined in the passage, the provisions of the agreement can best be used to illustrate which of the following aspects of state building in Eurasia in the period circa 1450-1750 ?Local elites successfully resisted attempts at state centralization and asserted their autonomy from central rule.The privileges discussed in the last two paragraphs of the passage best demonstrate that in some instances in the period 1450-1750internal challenges to state power could lead to the establishment of new state-like structures within existing statesThe fact that the Russian tsar insisted in the last paragraph that some ambassadors be treated differently from others best illustrates which of the following about international politics in the period circa 1650-1750 ?Russia had encountered significant resistance to its plans for further territorial expansion from some of the established states in eastern and southern Europe.All of the following statements are factually accurate. Which would best support the author's argument in the first paragraph of the passage?The period of Mamluk rule in Egypt saw a high number of conversions to Islam and a considerable reduction in the percentage of Coptic Christians in the overall population of Egypt.Which of the following would a historian most likely cite as evidence in support of the author's argument in the second paragraph of the passage?The Ottoman millet system, an arrangement designed to utilize the economic contributions of non-Muslim groups within the empire while granting them limited autonomy to organize their communal affairs under their own religious leadersAll of the following statements are factually accurate. Which might best be used to undermine or modify the author's argument in the second paragraph?Christians and Jews in the Ottoman Empire faced considerable restrictions on their religious practices, legal rights, and social freedoms.