LPN fundamentals final

what is a nursing program considered when certified by a state agency?
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What is the title of the American Hospital Association's 1972 document that outlines the patient's expectations to be treated with dignity and compassion?Patient's Bill of RightsThe relationship among nursing, patients, health, and the environment are the basis for:nursing modelsWhat system reduces the number of employees but still provides quality care for patients?cross-trainingWhat is the purpose of licensing laws for LPN/LVNs?Protection of the public from unqualified peopleWhat document published in 1965 by ANA, clearly defined two levels of nursing practice?position paperWhat is the wellness/illness continuum defined as?the range of a person's total healthWhen a nurse becomes involved in a legal action, the first step to occur is that a document is filed in an appropriate court. What is the document called?complaintThe nurse caring for a patient in the acute care setting assumes responsibility for a patient's care. What is the legally binding situation?Nurse-patient relationshipWhat are the universal guidelines that define appropriate measures for all nursing interventions?Standard of Care.An LPN/LVN is asked by the RN to administer an IV chemotherapeutic agent to a patient in the acute care setting. What law should the nurse refer to before initiating this intervention?Nurse practice setA nurse fails to irrigate a feeding tube as ordered, resulting in harm to the patient. This nurse could be found guilty of:MalpracticePatients have expectations regarding the health care services they receive. To protect these expectations, which of the following has become law?American Hospital Association's Patient's Bill of RightsThe nurse is preparing the patient for a thoracentesis. What must be completed before the procedure may be performed?informed consentWhen a nurse protects the information in a patient's record what ethical responsibility is the nurse fulfilling?ConfidentialityAn older adult is admitted to the hospital with numerous bodily bruises, and the nurse suspects elder abuse. What is the best nursing action?Report the bruises to the charge nurse.What is the best way for a nurse to avoid a lawsuit?Provide compassionate, competent careThe nurse is caring for a patient with a do not resuscitate order. Although the nurse may disagree with the order, what is his or her legal obligation?To follow the orderThe nurse has strong moral convictions that abortions are wrong. When assigned to assist with an abortion, what is the most appropriate action for the nurse to take?Ask for another assignmentThe new LPN/LVN is concerned regarding what should or should not be done for patients. What resource will best provide this information?standards of careWhat role is the nurse who diligently works for the protection of patients' interests playing?advocateWhen asked to perform a procedure that the nurse has never done before, what should the nurse do to legally protect himself or herself?Discuss it with the charge nurse, asking for directionThe nurse is assisting a patient to clarify values by encouraging the expression of feelings and thoughts related to the situation. What is the most appropriate action for the nurse?Withhold an opinionWhat fundamental principle must the nurse first observe when confronted with an ethical decision?Respect for peopleA nurse working on an acute care medical surgical unit is aware that his or her first duty is to the patient's health, safety and well-being. Given this knowledge, which of the following is most necessary for the nurse to report?Unethical behavior of other staff membersnurse is considering purchasing malpractice insurance. What should the nurse be aware of regarding malpractice insurance provided by the hospital?Only offers protection while on dutyWhich is a nursing care error that violated the health insurance portability and Accountability Act (HIPPA)?Leaving a copy of the patients history and physical in the photocopierA lumbar puncture was performed on a patient without a signed informed consent form. This patient might sue for:civil batteryA physician instructs the nurse to bladder train a patient. The nurse clamps the patient's indwelling urinary catheter but forgets to unclamp it. The patient develops a UTI. What do the nurse's actions exemplify?malpracticeWhat is true about nurse practice act?The nurse must know the practice act within his or her stateWhich of the following could causes a nurse to be cited for malpractice?Giving prochlorperazine to a patient allergic to phenothiazinesFlorence Nightingale established a nursing school at Saint Thomas Hospital in London. What was it characterized by?Focusing on sanitation and hygiene, offering formal and practical educational experiences, retaining a registry of all graduates, keeping records of student's progressHow can the medical record be used in litigation?Proof of adherence to standards, documentation of time lapses, evidence of omission of care, public recordDuring a lunch break, an emergency department nurse truthfully tells another nurse about the condition of a patient who came to the ED last night, what is the ED nurse guilty of?HIPPA violation, Invasion of privacyPrimitive medical interventions were based on the belief that illness was caused by the presence of:evil spiritsDuring early civilization MEDICINE MEN performed witchcraft and rituals to induce the bad spirit to leave the body of the ailing people.The national council of state boards of nursing performs a job analysis every 3 YEARS to determine the scope of practice of LPN/LVN.Graduates of the first school for training the practice nurse were referred to s ATTENDANT nurses.In 1949, the National Federation of licensed practical nurses were founded by Lillian Kuster.Personal beliefs about the worth of an object, idea, custom or attitude that influence a person's behavior in a given situation are referred to as:valuesActs whose performance is required, permitted, or prohibited are defined by STANDARDS OF CAREDue to the patient care partnership, what can a patient expect during a hospital stay?Involvement in care and clean safe environmentHow can the nurse demonstrate cultural sensitivity to a Haitian American patient?By allowing the patient to keep leaves in her roomWhen assessing the adult victim for pulselessness, the CPR rescuer should palpate the most reliable and accessible pulse. Which pulse will be palpated?carotid