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I asked the defendant what happened and he informed me they'd been smoking, drinking, and they found a pill bottle next to the body but weren't sure if he had taken any pills. Riley was unresponsive so I administered Narcan because the pill bottle showed they were opiates. He had no response so I checked for a pulse and couldn't find one. He wasn't breathing but he had no observable obstructions so I attempted intubation which was not successful. I attempted CPR which wasn't successful and called it at 2:52 AM. At 2:46 AM I drew a vial of blood from the decedent upon request from the police officers
Are you sure you heard that? Is there any doubt in your mind that you heard that?No, I was very close to the defendant on the stairwell down to the basement. I have no doubt about what I heard.Did the defendant say anything else?As I was assessing Riley he was talking really fast and screaming "so sorry" and "I can't believe this happened" and "I never meant for this to happen"Your testimony is that he was emotionally upset?YesDid you hear Tristan Marks say anything else?Yes, as I overheard Tristan mention his grandma's stashDid he say where they were located?He said it was kept at the back of the cabinet above the microwaveSo they were located in the kitchen upstairs?yesWere you able to verify this information?YesHow did you verify?When the cops were wrapping up I checked the cabinet and found another prescription bottle and marijuana which I also immediately turned over to the policeWere these drugs a controlled substance?Yes both oxycodone and marijuana are a controlled substance classified under the controlled substance act. Oxycodone is a schedule 2 drug and marijuana is a schedule 1 drug. The pills found in the cabinet were the same prescription as the bottle found in the basement just with different dates.