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Diocese of Baton Rouge


a __ is the main church of the diocese and the home church of the bishop

St. Joseph's

what is our cathedral?

ordinations, rites of election, chrism masses

__, __, and __ usually take place in a cathedral


latin word for chair, also known as the bishop's seat


all cathedrals have a baptismal __


the __ is entrusted with the care of the diocese

teaching, governing

the bishop is responsible for __ and __

priests, deacons

the bishop shares his duties with __ who serve under him


only a __ posseses the power to confer the sacrament of holy orders


the bishop is considered the chief __ of the diocese

35 years old, ordained for at least 5 years, have a doctoracte in sacred scripture, theology, or cannon law

name the requirements to be a bishop


the sacrament of __ is also administered by the bishop


a bishop must preside over the mass of the __

catechumens, sick, and chrism

what oil does the bishop bless

Robert Emmet Tracy, Joseph Vincent Sullivan, Stanley Joseph Ott, Alfred Clifton Hughes, and Robert W. Muench

name the 5 bishops of the diocese


this bishop's focus was ministering to the young


this bishop's focus was the pro-life movement


this bishop's focus was spiritual renewal


this bishop's focus was the promotion of the catechism of the church; attempts to combat racism and poverty


this bishop's focus was the church's ministry to young people and renewing the sacrament of reconciliation


each diocese has __ bishop but several auxillary bishops


when a diocese is established its __ is also established

east and west

cathedrals are often oriented __ so that they face the rising sun that symbolizes Jesus's rising


the central portion of the church is called the __


the word nave in latin means __

people of God

the church is symbolically a ship bearing the __ through the storms of life

Tracy, Sullivan, and Ott

which bishops are buried in the courtyard at St. Joseph's

New Year's Day, 1722
Baton Rouge
Plantation Home

On __ Fr. Pierre Francois Xavier de Charlevoix celebrated the first mass in __ on an improvised altar in a __

St. Gabriel

in 1774 settlers from Nova Scotia erected the church of __ the oldest surviving church structure in the MS river valley

Havana, Cuba

in 1787 the area that comprisis the diocese of BR was admisistered by the Diocese of __


the __ controlled colinies in what was called the west florida region which included __ until 1810


in 1812 the territory of NO and the former area of west florida became __

St. Joseph

sometime between 1817 and 1828 the name Our Lady of Sorrows parish was changed to __

St. Joseph's

during the civil war __ was badly damaged when BR wad bombarded by union boats

Mary Star of the Sea

In 1936 Fr. Jules Toups began servicing these areas with a floating chapel called __

July 22 1961

the diocese of BR was established on __ by pope __


the diocese of BR has __ civil parishes


the diocese of BR has __ ecclesiastical parishes


there are __ catholic schools in eight of the civil parishes in the diocese


__ diocesean and parochial high schools enrolling __ students


__ private high schools with a total of __ students


__ elementary diocesean and parochial schools which educate __ students


there are __ special education centers

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