Black Like Me (Quotes)

"Suddenly I had had enough. Suddenly I could stomach no more of this degradation- not of myself but of all men who were black like me."
December 1, p. 132
"When all the talk, all the propaganda has been cut away, the criterion is nothing but the color of skin. My experience proved that. They judged me by no quality. My skin was dark."
November 24, p. 115
"He who is less than just is less than man."
page 55
"I felt strangely sad to leave the world of the Negro after having shared it so long-almost as though I were fleeing my share of his pain and heartache."
pg. 143
"The completeness of this transformation appalled me. It was unlike anything I had imagined. I became two men, the observing one and the one who panicked, who felt Negroid even to the depths of my entrails. I felt the beginnings of great loneliness, not because I was a Negro but because the man I had been, the self I knew, was hidden in the flesh of another."
pg. 12