Gen Path Quiz 4 Granultyic responses (antigen presentation)

An increase in which of the following cell counts suggest the patient is experiencing an allergic response?

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Which of the following is NOT associated with fever? histamine TNF IL-1 endogenous pyrogenhistamineWhich of the following does NOT operate as a macrophage cell type? kupfer cell dendritic cell T cell histiocyteT cellimmunocytes that surround and engulf bacteria or other foreign material perform a function called secretion transcription phagocytosis resorptionphagocytosisWhen WBCs change their shape to pass through the capillary wall, this is known as diapedesis allostasis proteolysis diaphoresisdiapedesisthe presentation of antigens is done by platelets basophils macrophages t lymphocytesmacrophagesWhat cells have have a receptor for the antibody associated with allergic reaction (IgE) mast cells and eosinophils neutrophils and basophils erythrocytes and mast cells mast cells and basophilsmast cells and basophilsthe action of _________ creates allergic reasponses such as ______ and ________ cell membrane phospholipid; vasoconstriction; increased capillary permeability myeloperoxidase; pus formation; redness histamine; vasodilation; increased capillary permeability IgA; vasodilation; decreased capillary permeabilityhistamine; vasodilation; increased capillary permeability