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  1. The president can fill all vacancies during the Recess of the Senate by granting Commissions that expire at the end of the next sesh
  2. N/A, changed by 12th amendment
  3. The president must take the Oath of Affirmation before entering office
  4. The president can make treaties if 2/3 of the Senate agrees. The president can also appoint officers of the US, with the advice of the Senate

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  1. 2-1-6N/A, changed by 25th amendment


  2. 2-1-2Each state appoints electors, which is the number of senators and representative per state. No person holding office in US can be elector


  3. 2-1-7N/A, changed by 25th amendment


  4. 2-2-1The president is Commander in chief of the army, navy, and militia, He can require the principle officer in each of the executive departments to write their opinions- forms cabinet. Can grant reprieves/ pardons except for impeachment