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George Washington born/died

Feb. 22, 1732-Dec. 14, 1799

job b4 president




age while in office





John and Martha (step kids)


John Adams

Secretary of State

Jefferson, Randolph, Pickering

Secretary of Treasury


Secretary of War

Knox, Pickering, McHenry

Attorney General

Randolph, Bradford, Lee

Post Master General

Osgood, Pickering, Habersham

Dates in office

April 30, 1789-March 4, 1797


Federalist, loose view of constitution, plan to save economy

Hamilton's plan to save economy

states in charge of eliminating war debt, he thought national gov should take in all debt and the people thought it was the national gov responsibility they would support it to save economy; special fund (tax) to pay creditors a little money every year


Republican, strict view of Constitution, opposed Hamilton's plan


favored strong central government, supported Hamilton's plan, opposed French Revolution, supported Jay's treaty and closer ties to Britain, 1st political party in US, support from North

Jeffersonian Republicans

limit role of national government, opposed Hamilton's plan, supported French Revolution, opposed Jay's treaty and favored closer ties to France, support from South, stand for more democratic republic, 1st political party in US

George Washington didn't live in:

DC, but all other presidents did

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