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  1. Cholelithiasis
  2. Halitosis
  3. Nephron
  4. Dysphagia
  5. Acute renal failure
  1. a Difficulty in swallowing
  2. b Functional unit of the kidney These units form urine by the processes of filtration, reabsorption, and secretion
  3. c Presence of gallstones in the gallbleadder or bile ducts
  4. d Bad Breath, is an un-pleasant odor coming from the mouth that can be caused by dental diseases or respiratory or gastric disorders
  5. e Sudden onset and is characterized by uremia

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  1. Urinary problem caused by interference with the normal nerve pathways associated with urination
  2. surgical fixation
  3. Surgical connection between two hollow or tubular structures
  4. Hard deposit formed in the gallbladder and bile ducts due to the concretion of bile components
  5. excessive fluid in the body

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  1. Female urethraOuter region of the kidney


  2. -osisabnormal condition


  3. Hard PalateThe bony anterior portion of the palate that is covered with specialized mucous membrane.


  4. Pharynxwithout


  5. PyeloplastySurgical repair of the renal pelvis