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  1. -ectomy
  2. Meatus
  3. Neuropathy
  4. Renal cortex
  5. Ascites
  1. a surgical removal
  2. b Peripheral nervous system disorder affecting nerves anywhere except the brain or the spinal cord
  3. c External opening of a canal
  4. d Outer region of the kidney
  5. e Abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the peritioneal cavity

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  1. A toxic condition resulting from renal failure in which kidney function is compromised and urea is retained in the blood
  2. Presence of stones in the kidney
  3. Small pouch or sac occurring in the lining or wall of a tubular organ such as the colon
  4. the twisting of the intestine on itself that causes and obstruction Usually occurs in infancy
  5. One located at either end of the urethra, control the dlow of urine from the bladder

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  1. UvulaPlay an important role in snoring and in the formation of some speech sounds.


  2. Renal pelvisfunnel-shaped area within each kidney that is surrounded by renal cortex and medulla


  3. ProctopexySurgical fixation of a prolapsed rectum to an adjacent tissue or organ


  4. Vesicovaginal fistulaAbnormal opening between the bladder and vagina that allows the constant flow of urine from the bladder into the vagina


  5. EsophagusA mass of food that has been chewed and is ready to be swallowed