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  1. Antiemetic (F)
  2. Esophagus
  3. Gingivitis
  4. Dysuria
  5. py
  1. a pus
  2. b Muscular tube through witch ingested food passes from the pharynx to the stomach
  3. c medication the prevent vomiting
  4. d Difficult or painful urination
  5. e Periodontal disease, and the inflammation affects only the gums

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  1. Difficulty in swallowing
  2. suppuration (formation or discharge of pus) of the kidney
  3. Inflammation of the kidney or kidneys
  4. Presence of abnormally high concentrations of protein in the urine
  5. Eating disorder characterized by frequent episodes binge eating followed by compensatory

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  1. KUB (kidneys, Ureters, Bladder)1.5 inches long


  2. CholecysticPertaining to gallbladder


  3. BileLast and longest portion of the small intestine


  4. VolvulusPlay an important role in snoring and in the formation of some speech sounds.


  5. MalabsorptionCondition in which the small intestine cannot absorb nutrients from food that passes through it