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  1. Gingivitis
  2. Halitosis
  3. Ascites
  4. Uremia
  5. Uvula
  1. a Bad Breath, is an un-pleasant odor coming from the mouth that can be caused by dental diseases or respiratory or gastric disorders
  2. b Abnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the peritioneal cavity
  3. c Play an important role in snoring and in the formation of some speech sounds.
  4. d A toxic condition resulting from renal failure in which kidney function is compromised and urea is retained in the blood
  5. e Periodontal disease, and the inflammation affects only the gums

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  1. Urinary problem caused by interference with the normal nerve pathways associated with urination
  2. Small pouch or sac occurring in the lining or wall of a tubular organ such as the colon
  3. Which aids in the digestion of fats, is a digestive juice secreted by the liver
  4. Refers to the late stages of chronic renal failure in which there is irreversible loss of the function of both kidneys
  5. Inflammation of the renal pelvis

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  1. PancreasAbnormal accumulation of serous fluid in the peritioneal cavity


  2. anpus


  3. Volvulusthe twisting of the intestine on itself that causes and obstruction Usually occurs in infancy


  4. EsophagogastroduodenoscopyNarrowing of the urethra


  5. Choleangbile or gall