15 terms

ch 8 reflective preterit tense

to put on make up-yo
me maquillé
to put on make up- tú
te maquillaste
to put on make up-el/ella
se maquilló
to put on make up-nosotros
nos maquillamos
to put on make up-ellos
se maquillaron
to look at yourself-yo
me miré
to look at yourself-tú
te miraste
to look at yourself-el/ella
se miró
to look at yourself-nosotros
nos miramos
to look at yourself-ellos/ellas
se miraron
to dry off-yo
me sequé
to dry off -tú
te secaste
to dry off-el/ella
se secó
to dry off-nosotros
nos secamos
to dry off-ellos/ellas
se secaron