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15 terms

Chapter 2 Section 1: Introduction to Matter

Anything that has mass and occupies space.
The study of the properties of matter and how matter changes.
A single kind of matter that is pure and has a specific set of properties.
Physical Property
A characteristic of a pure substance that can be observed without changing it into another substance.
Chemical Property
A characteristic of a pure substance that describes its ability to change into a different substance.
A pure substance that cannot be broken down into other substances by chemical or physical means.
The basic particle from which all elements are made.
Chemical Bond
The force that holds two atoms together.
A particle made of two or more atoms bonded together.
A pure substance made of two or more elements chemically combined.
Chemical Formula
A formula that gives the elements in a compound and the ratio of atoms.
Two or more substances that are mixed together but not chemically combined.
Heterogenenous Mixture
A mixture in which pure substances are unevenly distributed throughout the mixture.
Homogenous Mixture
A mixture in which substances are evenly distributed throughout the mixture.
An example of a homogeneous mixture; forms when substances dissolve.