Chapter 9 questions

Which Renaissance artist described the uses of the camera obscura?
Leonardo da Vinci
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What strategy helped Alfred Stieglitz promote photography as a legitimate art form in the early twentieth century?
He made portraits of famous actors and actresses.
He included essays on modern art in Camera Work.
He exhibited his photographs at the Museum of Modern Art.
He manipulated his photographs to imitate popular styles in painting.
Why has photography been useful in influencing social change?
It appeals more to popular audiences than traditional paintings or sculpture.
It suggests a living witness to social injustice or concerns.
It cannot be manipulated to create a false account of an event.
It offers an objective account of an event without personal bias.
What was the social impact of Jacob Riis's book How the Other Half Lives? Laws were passed to improve conditions for the poor. Factories were forced to provide housing for their workers. Money raised by sales of the photographs was donated to poor families. Many poor immigrants were deported from the city. SubmitLaws were passed to improve conditions for the poor.What concept did Margaret Bourke-White introduce? commercial photography photography journals documentary photography the photo essaythe photo essayWhat was the significance of Eastman Kodak's 1937 invention of Kodachrome film? It caused color photography to be accepted by artists. It allowed photographers to make color photographs for the first time. It eliminated fading in color photographs. It improved the accuracy of color photography.It improved the accuracy of color photography.What was one reason professional photographers disdained color photography for so long? Color photography was associated with family snapshots. Color photographs could not be enlarged. Color film was very expensive. Color photographs required different camera equipment.Color photography was associated with family snapshots.Which factor contributed most to the acceptance of color photography among art photographers? the use of color in family snapshots and tourist photographs in the 1960s the development of less toxic technologies in the late nineteenth century the exhibition of color photographs at the Museum of Modern Art in 1976 the invention of positive color transparencies in 1907the exhibition of color photographs at the Museum of Modern Art in 1976Which contemporary photographer uses a process called chlorophyll printing? Trevor Paglen Binh Danh Susan Derges James WellingBinh DanhWhich contemporary photographer's work comes closest to the function of documentary photography? Binh Danh Trevor Paglen Jane and Louise Wilson Susan DergesTrevor PaglenHow does the contemporary photographer Binh Danh memorialize victims of warfare in Southeast Asia? He publishes his work in special edition books. He uses photographs from the Cambodia Museum of Genocide. He sends his work on traveling exhibitions. He interviews victims of war.He uses photographs from the Cambodia Museum of Genocide.Jeff Wall describes himself as a "near-documentary" photographer because he prefers color over black-and-white photographs. he blows up his images to maximum size. his realistic images are staged. he shows his work in art museums and galleries.his realistic images are staged.What distinguishes digital photography from traditional photography? It does not use film. It can be altered. It does not require printing. It is of higher resolution.It does not use film.How do contemporary photographers manipulate digital images? by using photochemical processes by using photo-editing programs by using faster shutter speeds by adjusting the apertureby using photo-editing programsWhat technical element accounts for the visible details seen throughout Jane and Louise Wilson's photograph? the 6-foot-square format the mist released before shooting the photograph the photograph's exposure time the digital processingthe photograph's exposure timeHow did Louis-Jacques-Mandé Daguerre's process differ from that of the early camera obscura? It was unable to show stationary figures and inanimate objects. It allowed the photographer to work indoors or in low light. It was made using a metal plate on which the image was fixed. It required the use of mirrors to set the image right-side-up. SubmitIt was made using a metal plate on which the image was fixed.Today's smartphone cameras do not automatically set development time. focal length. aperture. shutter speed.focal length.What provided the artistic model for photographic portraits? popular posters and advertisements newspaper photography established traditions in painting scientific illustrationsestablished traditions in paintingThis image demonstrates Alfred Stieglitz's mastery of digital manipulation of the image. objectively documenting the landscape. tonal control. combining multiple negatives.tonal control.What element of Margaret Bourke-White's Louisville Flood Victims might fit Henri Cartier-Bresson's notion of the decisive moment? the tonal contrast of buckets and bags to darker coats the figure turning to look to the camera the predominance of African-American flood victims the figures waiting in front of the billboardthe figures waiting in front of the billboardHow does Manuel Álvarez Bravo's Two Pairs of Legs demonstrate the artistic qualities of straight photography? It documents the subject matter exactly as the artist saw it. It calls attention to social conditions through its subject matter. It eliminates color from the subject matter to assert its status as fine art. Its formal elements enhance the subject matter.Its formal elements enhance the subject matter.What invention made the precise detail possible in Jacob Riis's photographs for How the Other Half Lives? flash photography multiple exposures digital processing handheld cameraflash photographyWhat was one reason that Ansel Adams photographed Yosemite? as advertisements for camping supplies to attract investors for park camps and hotels to increase tourism to raise environmental awarenessto raise environmental awarenessWhat common practice does the contemporary photographer Chris Steele-Perkins share with Margaret Bourke-White? documenting third world cultures focus on landscape photography an interest in color photography documentary photo essaysdocumentary photo essaysHow does color function in William Eggleston's Untitled (Nehi Bottle on Car Hood)? It adds critical commentary. It adds to the play of formal elements. It suggests symbolic meaning. It heightens the realistic illusionism.It adds to the play of formal elements.What do these two contemporary photographs have in common? interest in the natural landscape underlying social commentary experimentation with photographic processes photo essaysunderlying social commentaryWhat most caused the decreased use of chemical photographic negatives near the end of the twentieth century? the health risks in using toxic processing methods the more conceptual interests of photographers the increased commercial use of photography the emergence of new digital technologythe emergence of new digital technologyWhat distinguishes Jeff Wall's Boy Falls from Tree as an example of photography used as an art form? the moralizing subject matter the large format the intensity of the color palette the uniqueness of digital prints Submitthe large formatHow does James Welling increase viewer knowledge about his works like 9812 when they are exhibited? He does demonstrations of his process. He includes explanatory videos. He holds workshops. He makes booklets available so they can understand the process. SubmitHe makes booklets available so they can understand the process.