Quiz 4 (ch. 9-10)

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What event led to the creation of NASA?
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When did Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin land on the moon?1969Who was the first woman in space?Valentina Tereshkova (Russian)Which of the following sport ballooning event occurred in the year 1978Double eagle two crossing the Atlantic (1st to do it)Double eagle 5 made trans pacific crossing, in what year1981What type of balloons are double eaglesGas balloons, heliumWhich 2 manufactures are leading commercialBoeing and airbusWhat's the difference between Boeing and airbusFinal call between computer and pilot Boeing says all computers, let pilot say last say so Airbus says all computers, computers last say soWhich stealth fighter was successfully used 1991 to force the Iraqi forces out of KuwaitF117A "wobbly goblin"Where did we use experimental drones "predator" to prove effectiveAfghanistanWhich was NOT a motivation that lead to the Europeans self sufficiency efforts 1990sLockheeds refusal to select European contractors to help with joint strike fighter programWhich action did airbus NOT employ to become more competitive in the 80s and 90sRestriction into a single corporate entity SCEIn what year did the terrorist highjack 4 commercial airlines and use them as weapons in the us2001, 9/11What was different about the terrorist on 9/11They used commercial airliners as weaponsWhat event inspired us congress to transpire airport security responsibilities to TSA9/11What is key to defensive programs relating to space?Satellitesspace initiativeWeapons up in skyColumbia (2003) space shuttleLoose foam, damaged heat shieldingAll countries partnering in ISS, 1995Us, European space agency, Japan, Russia, and CanadaName of the 1st spacecraft that encountered asteroid in 1991GalileoFill in Name 2 of the 4 environmental concerns of supersonic flight-emissions -noise during takeoff and landing -sonic boom at cruise altitude -exposure to high atmospheric radiationFill in Name 2 of 3 main ways that the us attempted to revitalize the aviation market in 1990s-updated to foreign certification standards for planes -put into play GARA which limited aircraft manufacturer liability to 18 years -give out sport pilot certifications