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people and laws tht run a place such as a city, state, or country


a written plan of government


a building in which government leaders meet


a plan for a new law


a city in which the government of a state or country is located


a rule that is made by the government and everyone has to obey them

3 levels of government

local, national, state

President Barak Obama

leader of our national government

Governor Bobby Jindal

leader of our state government


leader of our local government


made by the people and groups who expect members to obey them

Main job of state government

to keep people safe plus provide basic services

3 branches of government

executive, legislative, judicial

state capital of Louisiana

Baton Rouge

job of Legislative branch

to make laws

job of Executive branch

carries out the laws

job of the Judicial branch

decides if the laws are fair

Two leaders of the Legislative branch

House of Representatives and Senate

Leader of the Excecutive branch of the state government


Good citizens

Vote, follow laws, don't litter, recycle, help in the community

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