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Aeson and Alcimede

Jason's father and mother

avenge wrongs

what Chiron taught Jason


the creature that Chiron was


Jason's reaction to tale of his birth

punish uncle or perish

what Jason vowed to do

3 things Jason did after tale

gird sword, put on sandals, set out


season of journey

breathless, exhausted

Jason's condition after crossing


what old dame became


how Jason recognized Juno

aid and protection

what Juno promised Jason


end of 1st journey


what Pelias was celebrating

resore seized power

what Jason demanded of Pelias

surrender power, wealth, enter obscurity

what Pelias would not think of

after banquet

when Pelias would talk to Jason

heroic deeds

what bards at banquet sang about

Phryxus and Helle

story bards recited

Athamas and Nephele

Phryxus & Helle's parents


cruel stepmother


sent means of escape to Phryxus & Helle

Winged, golden-fleeced ram

on what Phryxus & Helle fled

fell into sea

happened to Helle on journey


bears Helle's name


sacrificed the ram

not brave enough

what Pelias said about today's youth


what Jason thought of vow to get fleece

Juno shrine at Dodona

Jason visited before seeking fleece


who built Jason's boat

Mt. Pelion

where trees for boat came from


what the name Argo means


Juno bargained with him for good winds


blind king Jason met

sons of Boreas

chased off Harpies

Strophades Islands

where the Harpies fled


name of floating, crashing rocks

mouth of Bosporus

where rocks are chained to seabottom


end of 2nd journey


king of Colchis


god of the fire-breathing bulls


god of the plowed field

giants in full armor

appeared after sowing dragon's teeth

threw dust in faces

how Jason defeated giants


Medea's brother on the Argo

killed, cut up and threw overboard Absyrtus

how Medea delayed pursuing father

resign throne to Aeson

what Jason demanded of Pelias on return

cut up and boil father with herbs

Medea's instructions to Pelias' daughters

Glauce or Creusa

Jason's second love

killed them

what resentful Medea did to her children

Argo will cause Jason's death

Medea's warning to Jason as she fled

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