Chapter 16 Holt Earth Science, Holt Earth Science Chapter 14

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abrasionthe grinding and wearing away of rock surfaces through the mechanical action of other rock or sand particleschemical weatheringthe process by which rocks break down as a result of chemical reactionsoxidationthe process by which a metallic element combines with oxygenhydrolysisBreaking down complex molecules by the chemical addition of watercarbonationthe conversion of. compound into a carbonateacid precipitationrain, sleet or snow that contains a high concentration of acidssoila loose mixture of rock fragments, organic material, water and air that can support vegetation growthsoil profileAll the vertical layers or horizons that make up a soil in a particular placehorizonhorizontal layer of soil that can be distinguished from the layers above and below it.erosionthe process by which wind, water, or gravity transports soil and sediment from one location to anothersheet erosionthe process by which water flows over a layer of soil and removes the topsoilmass movementthe movement of a large mass of sediment or a section of land down a slopecreepA slow mass movement of sediments down a hilllandforma physical feature of Earth's surfacearctic soilsoil that is thin and consists mostly of regolith