Exam 3 (ch.8-11)

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What combination of conditions is most detrimental to takeoff and climb performance concerning temperature, humidity, and altitude?
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Your magnetic compass course is 280 degrees. Which altitude is appropriate to meet VFR cruising altitude requirements above 3000 feet AGL? 5500 6000 65006500What are the VFR cruising altitudes?0 to 179 = odd plus 500ft (East) 180 to 359 = even plus 500ft (west)For night VFR cross country flight, you are required to carry enough fuel to fly to the first point of an intended landing and after that for what time period?45 minutesSelect the true statement regarding flight plan filing??? File under domestic or icao flight plan for VFR the weather brief ip addressSelect the true statement regarding activating a flight planFiling and opening a flight plan ensures that search and rescue organizations can find you if you don't reach destinationYou have several cruising altitudes selected for flight, at which altitude should be entered in the altitude field in the flight planInitial cruising altitudeIf you activate a flight plan at 1930 Zulu and your time in route to the destination is 2 hours and 40 minutes at what time will ATC begin telephone search If you have not closed your flight plan2240 30 min afterWhich is an action you should take when navigating with a gps?Prior to the flight ensure that the databases are currentTrue statement regarding RAIM (receiver autonomous integrity monitor)Methods to verify that RAIM will be available is checking the notams and using your GPS receiver for RAIM monitoring and prediction functionWhat is a method you can use to navigate with gpsUse direct to navigation to fly from present position directly to waypointWhich is an indication of waypoint passage that gps equipment might displayDisplay navigation information for next legWhat part of your eye allows you to perceive colorConesWhat part of the eye allows you to perceive motion in the darkRodsWhat action should you use to enable eyes to adapt to darkness for night flightAvoid bright white lights for at least 30 minutes beforeWhat's the best way to view dim objects at nightUse off center viewing and avoid staringWhat situation can increase the risk of flying a lower than normal approach"Black hole approach"Select a true statement regarding maintaining orientation in flightRely on the instrumentsWhat are the best ways to overcome the effects of hypoxiaSupplemental oxygenWhich is a cause of hyperventilationStressSelect a true statement regarding a single pilot resource management conceptAn automation surprise occurs when an automation system does something you don't expect or fails to do something you do expectVisibility is decreasing and the clouds ceiling appear to be lowering, i can do this blah blah what type of hazardous attitude are you exhibiting and what's the antidoteMacho-taking chances are foolishHazardous AttitudesThe I'm safe checklist helps accomplish what actionFitness for flightSelect true statement regarding aeronautical decision makingEvaluating the outcome of your decision to determine if additional steps need to be taken is apart of the ADM processEarly spring, stormy and rainy, going vacation. Little night flying experience. Select true statement of 5 psAnnual inspection Could be tired and lack night flying experienceWhat are 5 psPilot Plan Passenger Plane ProgrammingYou receive a landing clearance and line up on short final. Your flight instructor offers a critique about your traffic pattern entry. Which statement regarding sterile cockpit is correct?Follow to increase safetyWhat is an example of an action you perform during it enroute flightRevise flight plan additional fuel planPost flight actionTaxi to parking, close plan, and emulate the flightPressure altitude formulapressure altitude = (29.92 - your current pressure setting) x 1,000 + field elevationDensity Altitude formulaDA=PA+120([PA/500]+OAT-15) where: DA = density altitude (ft) PA = pressure altitude (ft) OAT = outside air temp (˚C)What is the weight of a gallon of fuel?6lb per galcenter of gravityWeight x arm = moment Mom/weight = ARMWhat should the OBS read to from when cdi is centeredO degrees from 180 degrees to Regardless of airplane position