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What myths surround social media marketing.
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If I know the open rate, click-through rate, conversion rate; and the average order value. How would you calculate the potential revenue I would earned if I send it to X people.AOV x Y people = potential revenueWhy do items sometimes load slowly on a mobile device?Because it is designed for the web, not for mobile, slower processor, and slower internet connection.What are the behavioral differences between desktop and mobile users?Mobile: - "What can you do for me right now?" - impatience - "Let me check" - short bursts - "Ooh a video" - very effective, no degradation - "Where" - location is very relevant vs desktop Desktop: - Active during work hours - Conversion phaseWhat could I do to increase the number of leads received from a lead-generation landing page?Increase the number of required form fieldsWhat is the formula for calculating conversion rate?Conversion Rate = Total number of conversions/Total number of sessions x 100What action would most likely decrease shopping cart abandonment?- Streamline the payment process - Remind the customer of the product - Offer couponWhat are the methods of optimizing conversion rates?A/B Testing Listen to your users Add CTAsHow can website analytics assist keyword research?Google search console is the best tool for finding the search terms or queries people use on Google to find your website.What building a SEO strategy where might I start to find keywords for my campaign?- Make a list of important, relevant topics based on what you know about your business - Fill in topics with keywords - Understand how intent affects keyword research and analyze accordingly - Research-related search terms - Use googles keyword plannerIn Google Search Console, what would I use to learn if my website's keyword's are relevant to a searcher intent.QueriesIn keyword research, what is the most important factor to narrowing down keywords to a manageable list?- Knowing the intent of your audience and what they would search for - Get rid of unnecessary wordsWhat is an example of a keyword phrase that would satisfy informational? (Consider phrases for transactional, navigational & commercial too)Informational: (most common) - How to analyze search intent? - Why do snakes shed their skin? - What's the weather forecast? - When is thanksgiving? Transactional: - Buy running shoes - Coupon for Shein Vacation deals to Jamaica Commercial: Top restaurant near me Best hotels in NYC Review of LG smartphone Honda vs Toyota Navigational: Gap University of Pennsylvania Solitaire game app Hospitals near San JoseWhat are two types of marketing incentives that are needed to nudge seeds to spread information?1. Extrinsic- offer material or monetary rewards in exchange for performing actions 2. Intrinsic- trigger seeds intriniscially to perform an actionWhat happens if your incentives occur too quickly?Seeds will likely stop creating and disseminating product-related information after that period endsWhat is a spillover effect?Conversations that do not stay on topic of the focal product; unintended reaction to a viral post.What are people more likely to share information about brand/product?When it comes from an influencer or celebrity who has credibility, authenticity, engagement, and is active on social media.What is an example of a positive network externality?The more friends that use a new app, the more people you can talk to, and the more you will enjoy using this app.In the equation, X + pt times n times pv, what does pf, n, and pv stand for?X= 1 person watching Pf= probability of forwarding N= number who receive or see forward Pv= probability of viewing the forwardIncreasing positive network externalities and/or decreasing negative network externalities are ways consumers do what?Spread WOM about your new product and help acquire new customers.As social media has become a major communicate tool, what problem do companies now have to deal with?It is a crowded place, there is so much social content available, your content may not get noticed; falling engagement rates on organic posts; standing out from competitors; creating fresh content all the time; responding to public feedback constantlyResponding to feedback online should be an opportunity to help a company's what?Reputation and relationships with customers, and building loyaltyHow does customer feedback "up the ante" for companies?One mistake can either go viral or be shared and can damage your reputationWhy would the Nike PR team be monitoring mentions of "Just Do It."To catch and stop frequent trademark infringementWith Google Alerts, a company can...- Get news updates - Monitor the brand reputation - Find content ideas - Track backlinks - Monitor keywords or keyword phrases - Monitor competitors Gives alerts related to your brand or products and alerts related to mentions of a company's competitorsWhat is the easiest way for a company to manage its reputation with online review sites?Produce superior products and servicesWhat should a company do when responding to negative content?- When deciding whether how, when, and why to respond marketers should consider how these decisions and the related action or inaction will affect key marketing - Consider the consequences of the action and who will identify the feedback - After consideration, respond accordingly with apologies, acknowledgement, or some incentive - Don't respond to comments where you know a person will keep nagging it on for social media attention - Compare the benefits versus the cost of actionsWhy did the NYPD and McDonald's social media campaigns end in disaster?- It was not strategic - They engaged in this form of marketing for the sake of doing something - Their intentions for the campaign were unclear - There was a risk that people might respond negativelyInfluencer marketing is a major part on Instagram because- An influencer with a million followers can do a much better job at brand awareness than you are likely to with fewer engaged followers Instagram is a more personable platformWhat is the first step in developing a digital campaign?Set strategic objectivesWhat digital tool is better for strengthening current relationships rather than attracting new customers?Social mediaWhy should you NOT pursue a channel-focused approach?- A channel-focused approach will end up sending a different message or content that is not natively created for each channel. This confuses customers. - Channel-focused-they fully concentrate on making decisions about the target segment, content, and bidding for one channel at a time (DON'T DO THIS) - Consumers for your brand are not on just one media platform. You can reach more people on a cross-channeled marketing approachWhat is the difference between search engine advertising and social media advertising?- Search engine advertising is for when someone is looking for a specific product or service - Search engine advertising is not based on the target audience, it is based on keyword search - Social media advertising is more about creating brand awareness along the way through your - TARGET AUDIENCE Social media is targeted A search engine is not targetedWhy is it that content marketing within social media can be relatively expensive, compared traditional methods?- Pay people for other elements in content marketing - Creating content is expensive - Hiring people to create & distribute content is expensiveHow does asking individuals for additional information beyond their email address produces a stronger lead?- You can target individuals through more than one platform - They become a loyal customer - Target them across more than just email - They want to get learn more information about your specific brandHow are customer data and marketing strategies different between mobile users and desktop users.Mobile Marketing: - Geo-targeting - Bluetooth - Push notifications Desktop Marketing: - Desktop users think holistically. This means that they will most likely make a connection between a purchase and the role it will serve Multiple CTAsWhy do CTA (Call To Action) buttons on landing pages typically include visual cues to signal the spot is clickable.- To grab attention from a customer - Make the process of learning more about a product easier for the consumerShould strategies social media marketing be intended to completely replace company-to-consumers information flows with consumers-to-company and consumers-to-consumers?Strategic digital social media marketing should not be intended to completely replace company-to-consumer information flows with consumer-to-company and consumer to consumer.A new website should choose target keyword phrases based onRelevance Competition Traffic