MGT 450- Ch 9 (Final)

We have candidates complete these to help identify inconsistencies with their resumes and also to include necessary restrictions, such as employment-at-will, etc.
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These assessment methods are used when the firm has identified whom it wants to hire before the job offer is finalized.ContingentInformation collected through a survey that assesses candidates' interests, personal history, and other characteristics.BiodataIn theory, the longer good performers stay with the company, the higher the ___.ROIThis type of test is prohibited except for military, police, private security firms, and controlled substance manufacturers.PolygraphPersonality or other attributes that contribute to failure.DerailersThis is a chart or plan that identifies KSAOs and which assessment(s) measures each KSAO.SelectionJim is turned down for a job, even though he would have been an excellent employee; he is considered a false _____.NegativeWe need to refer to this document from the EEOC when determining what validity evidence is required of our assessment tools and selection system.UGESP Uniform Guidelines on Employee Selection ProceduresA type of application on which different information (e.g., experience) receives different weights.WeightedIf you are asked to analyze data using Excel (a part of the job) in the selection process, this is a(n) work ____________.SampleTo minimize the negative effects of unconscious biases, we can have this type of assessment where we conceal applicant information to promote objective assessments.Blind(ACROSS) Teamwork is important at XYZ Company, so the company puts a lot of effort into assessing person-_____ fit.GroupA selection tool - despite its validity - is not helpful if hiring managers cannot or will not use it properly; this is known as _____________.UsabilityA type of interview question that describes a scenario and the candidate is asked to outline a plan for dealing with the scenario.SituationalXYZ Company has a very unique culture and puts a lot of effort into assessing candidates' values and beliefs to see if they align with the culture; this is an example of person-______ fit.OrganizationThese ability tests have high validity, but often results in high adverse impact.CognitiveA personality dimension that often is predictive of many jobs; it involves being attentive to detail, willing to follow rules, and willing to exert effort.ConsciousnessA type of interview question that focuses on the past, such as "tell me about a time when..."BehavioralIn a situational ______________ test, candidates earn a certain number of points for each choice they make in relation to a work situation.JudgementIn class, we discussed how this type of integrity test has higher validity for counterproductive behavior; an example is the question "Have you ever stolen anything from your employer?"OvertAn example of person-____ fit is when a hiring manager compares a candidate's motivation and KSAOs with the demands of the job.JobThese assessment methods are used to evaluate the pool of job candidates to determine whom to hire.EvaluativeA type of interview in which candidates are asked a series of standardized, job-related questions with predetermined scores for different answers.StructuredThese assessments are focused on narrowing a pool of job applicants down to a smaller group of job candidates.ScreeningSuppose that you went to the PREP office and took assessments of your interests, abilities, & values; you found that you are detail-oriented, so you think you would have good person-_____ fit with accounting.Vocation