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carelessShe is _______. = does things quickly and in a way that often breaks things; opposite of carefulhelpfulHe is ______. = always tries to help others.look up toThey ______ him. (3 words) = think that a person is great and want to be like that person; admireget alongI _______ with them. = (2 words) = have a friendly relationship; don't have fightswiseShe is ______. = understands people and knows important things about how to be happy and live a good lifesuccessfulShe was very _______ in school. = when you do well at most things that you tryorganizedShe is very __________. = uses her time well and puts everything in the right placeappreciatesHe really ________ good music because he is also a musician. = To understand how good or useful someone or something is.artistA professional performer, especially a singer, dancer, or actor. Ex. If you are an ______, you might like to live in New York City.musicianHer favorite _______ is Beyonce. = A person who writes, sings, or plays music.traditionalThey like listening to _________ Japanese music. = Following ideas and methods that have existed for a long time, rather than doing anything new or different.genreWhat ______ of music do you like? = A particular type or category of literature or art.burned outif you study piano everyday for many hours, you may get ________. = (2 words) When you work so hard for a long time and get tired of doing it; want to quitclassicalBeethoven wrote a lot of famous _________ music. = Serious music that is usually instrumental and comes from a European traditionsing alongHe loves to _________ with the radio. = (2 words) To sing a song together with someone who is already singing or with a recording of the songlive performanceShe gave a ________ last week. = (2 words) Done in front of an audience, rather than recorded.intoWhat songs are you ______ these days? = To like and be interested in something. (slang)popularMichael Jackson first became ______ when he was very young. = Liked or enjoyed by many people.lead singerHe the ___________ of the group. = the person who sings most of the songs.broke upThe band _________ last year. = stopped playing togetherplay liveThe band is going to _________ on New Year's Eve. = perform in front of an audiencechartsHis song climbed to the top of the _________. = the lists of popular songs.musical notesYou can see _______ on sheet music.signedHe ________ a recording contract with Sony. = put your name on a legal agreement.producerHe is a famous music __________. = someone whose job is to organize and direct the recording and production of music (or a movie)relaxingI need to listening to some _______ music. = something that is soft and calmdepressingSome classical music is _________. = makes you feel sad.singleThe singer just released a new _________. = an album with just one songweight trainingHe does ______. (2 words)lostGermany ____ the game. Germany ____ to Brazil. The score was Brazil 2 and Germany 1. = the opposite of winwonBrazil ____ the game with Germany. = to get the most pointspointsBrazil scored two _____ in the game. = one of the marks or numbers that shows your score in a game or sport:rulesIn soccer, it is against the ____ to touch the ball with your hands. = an official instruction that says how things must be done or what is allowed, especially in a game,raceWho won the ________? = running, swimming, biking, etc to see who is the fastestfor funI just play _______. = (two words) not seriously or in a very competitive waycontactFootball is a ______ sport. = a sport when players can touch the other players.take turnsWe usually _____ when we go down the slide. = when one person does something. = the time when it is your chance to do something that each person in a group is doing. Ex. First you go, then I'll goequipmentWe bought some sports _____ like a bat, stick, ball, etc. = the tools, machines, clothes etc that you need to do a particular job or activitytieThe game ended in a _____. = When both players or teams have the same score at the end of a game. Ex. 2-2caughtHe _____ the ball. = to get hold of and stop an object such as a ball that is moving through the aireventWhat _____ did she compete in? = one of the races or competitions that are part of a large sports competitionpositionWhat ____ do you play in soccer? = the area where someone plays in a sport, or the type of actions they are responsible for doingtechniqueHer kicking ____ is amazing. = the special way in which you move your body when you are doing a sportstrategyThe coach gave them a good ____ to help them win the game. = a planned series of actions for achieving somethingconcentrateChess players need to _____ on the game to play well. =to think very carefully about something that you are doingprofessionalShe became a ________ golfer when she was 19. = when people who are paid to do a sport or activitythrowHe can _____ the ball very fast. = to use your arm to move something and letting it gocoordinatedShe is very _____. = to make the parts of your body move and work together wellgoalThey just scored a _____. = the action of getting a point by making the ball go into the opponent's area; OR something that you are trying to do or achieve (setting a _____ to study harder)shotThat was a great ________! = when a person hits a ballcatch your eyeTo attract and hold someone's attention, interest, etc. Ex. There is one beautiful red dress in the shop that will _________ ______ __________convinceTo cause (someone) to believe that something is true. Ex. I didn't believe the story, but he might ________me that it was true.creativeVery good at using their imagination to make things. Artists must be very ________.effectiveProducing a result that is wanted. Ex. she gave an ___________ presentation about reasons for recycling.globalAffecting the whole world. Ex. Apple is a ____ company.marketA particular country or area where a company sells its goods. Ex. The coffee company sells mainly to the American _________productsSomething that is made or grown to be sold or used. Ex. that store sells many clothing _______ made in Latin left outto not include or mention. Ex. Did everyone get a piece of cake? I don't want anyone to ___ ______ ____.controversialrelating to or causing much discussion, disagreement, or argument. Ex. legalizing marijuana is a ________ issue in the US.failto not succeed; to end without success. Ex. if you _____ in your first attempt, you should not quit because you can succeed the second time.identify withto think of yourself as having the same problems and feelings as someone. Ex. Many readers ____ _____ the characters in her novels.imagethe idea that people have about someone or something. Ex. the company is trying hard to improve its ________ as environmentally friendly.linked toconnected or related to it in some way. Ex. studying vocabulary on Quizlet for short periods in the morning and evening is _______ ___ learning new words!pay attention tothe act or power of carefully thinking about, listening to, or watching someone or something. Ex. since the weather often changes, I like to ____ _______ ___ the news.statisticssets of numbers which represent facts or measurements. Ex. 50 percent of new businesses fail within the first year, according to the _______.succeedto do what you tried or wanted to do. Ex. she just graduated university and hopes to _____ in getting a good job.technology_________ has developed a lot in the last 40 years. = new kinds of machines, equipment, computers, etc.allowSmart phones ______ people to go on the Internet anywhere. = make it possible to do somethingbenefitsTechnology has many __________. = good points; advantagescame outThe first iPhone ______ in 2007. (2 words) = when something is first solddependentMany people are _______ on technology in their daily lives. = feeling that something is necessary in order to livedevelopingThey are ________ new apps for the iPhone. = to design or make a new idea, product, system etc over a period of timedeviceHe has a little __________ the helps him find his keys. = small machines that are used to do some kind of job; also a smaller thing inside a larger machine.disposableMost batteries are _________. = things that you throw awayefficientTrains are more _____ than cars. = when something works without wasting time, money, or energyenhanceThey used a computer to __________ the image. = to improve something or make it betterfeaturesThe new phone has many cool ______. = things that something has or doesfunctionThe main _____ of this app is to share pictures. = the thing that something doeslimitMany parents try to _______ how much time their kids spend with technology. = to set a maximum amount of time or use for somethingreducedHer invention ______ the amount of pollution in the sea. = make the amount smallersped upThe machine ______ the production of cars. (2 words) = make something fasteruser-friendlyThe iPhone is very _________. = something that is easy for people to use, understand or operateshut downAfter work, you need to ________ your computer. = close all the programs and turn off (2 words)memoryHow much __________ does your computer have? = the information that can be stored in a computer (Ex. 128 GB gigabytes)frozeMy screen __________ and I couldn't do anything. = when the computer has a problem and stops working in the middle of using it.externalHe bought an ___________ hard drive to store his photos. = an extra device that can connect to a computerversionHe just got the newest __________ of the program. = a copy of something that has been changed so that it is a little bit differentback upHe forgot to ___________ his computer, and he lost his essays when the computer broke. = to make a copy of information on your computer online or on another device (2 words)storeShe __________ her pictures online, not on her computer. = where you keep somethingrecognitionThis phone has facial __________ software. = when something or someone know's who you areleaves onShe always ____________ the lights. = forgets to turn offimpactThe iPhone has had a big __________ on people's lives. = when something causes a lot of changesshareMany people __________ photos on social media. = to put something out for people, so that other people can see or use it.automaticallyThe light turn on _____________ when you enter the room. = when a machine does something without a person controlling itcontrolsThe computer ___________ the heat and lights in the house. = to turn on, turn off, or change some kind of machine or technologymedical insurancean agreement in which a person makes regular payments to a company and the company promises to pay money if the person is injured. All IEC students pay for _________ _____________.seriously injuredphysically hurt or harmed. Ex. he was _________ ___________in a car accident.minor injurya small wound or damage to part of your body that is not serious. I had a _____ __________ playing soccer, but didn't need to go to the doctor.make an appointmentto schedule to meet with someone at a particular time. If you want to see a doctor, you should ________ __ _____________.illnessa condition of being unhealthy in your body or mind. He had an ________ for many years as a child, but is better now.coldcommon illness that affects the nose, throat, and eyes and that usually causes coughing, sneezing, etc.have a headachea pain in your head. I drank too much alcohol last night and this morning I _____ _ _________.periodthe time when a woman menstruates each monthbloodthe red liquid that flows through the bodies of people and animalspreventto stop (something) from happening or existing. Ex. washing hands will ______ the spread of disease/illness.stresscontinuous feelings of worry about your work or personal life, that prevent you from relaxing. Ex. I have a big test tomorrow, so I feel some ________.injuryan act or event that causes someone or something to no longer be fully healthy or in good condition. Ex. Messi had an _________ and had to miss the match.pass outto loose consciousness. Ex. if you drink too much alcohol, you may ____ _________ and not remember anything.get overEx. I need to _________ this cold. = feel better; recover from