34 terms

chapter 7

primary male sex organs
the mircscopic male germ cell
the principle male sex homone
seminiferous tubules
apprx. 900 coiled tubes within the testes in which spermatogenesis occurs
coiled duct atop each of the testes that provides for storage
vas deferens
duct carring the sperm from the epididymis to the utethra
seminal vesicles
two main glands located at the base of the bladder that open into the vas deferens
prostate gland
encircles the upper end of the urethra
sac suspended on both sides of and just behind the penis
male organ of urination and copulation
glans penis
enlarged tip on end of the penis
fold of skin covering the gl;ans penis in circumcised males
composed of sperm
reproductive organs
erectile dysfunction
the inability of the male to attain ot maintain an erection sufficient to perform sexual intercourse
scrotal swelling caused by collection of fluid
a tightness of the prepuce that prevents its retraction over the glans penis
persistent abnormal erectiopn of the penis accompanie dby pain and tenderness
prostate cancer
cancer of the prostate
testicular carcinoma
cancer of the testicle
testicular torsion
twisting of the spermatic cord causing decreased blood flow to the testis
enlarged veins of the spermatic cord
surgical removal of the prepuce-forskin
surgical removal of a hydrcele
radical prostatectomy
excision of the prostate gland with its capsule
suprapubic prostatectomy
excision of the prostate glang through an abdminal incision made above the pubic bone and through an incision in the bladder
transsurethral incision of the prostate gland
a surgical proceduce that widens the urethra by making a few small incisions in the bladder neck and the prostate gland
transurethral mirowave themotherapy
a treatment that eliminates excess tissue present benign prostatic hyperplasia by using heat generated by microwave
transurethral resection of the prostate gland
successive pieces of the prostate gland tissue are resected by using a restectoscope iinserted through the urethra
transrectal ultrasound
an ultrasound procedure used to diagnose prostate cancer
proatate-specific antigen
a blood test that measures the level of prostate-specific antigen in the blood
digital rectal examination
a physical exam in which the physican inserts a finger into the rectum and feels for the size and shape of the postate gland through the rectal wall
acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS)
a disease that affects the body's immune system
artificial insemination
introduction of semen into the vagina by artificial means