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According to erikson, the _______ stage of development involves reflecting on the past and either piecing together a positive review or concluding that one's life has not been well spent
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cross-sectional study by Ursula Staudinger found that for adults from 55 to 65 years of age, __________ was most important in terms of personal investmentfamilyolder adults characterized by _______ do not live as long as those who display more ________negative affect; positive affectaccording to a cross-sectional study on self-esteem, who among the following have the highest self-esteemmiddle aged adultsprejudice against others because of their age, especially prejudice against older adults is known asageismconsidering the fact that many of the health problems of older adults are chronic rather than acute which of the following is likely to be a concern about the medical systemThe medical system is still based on a "cure" rather than a "care" model._____ illness often follows a pattern of an acute period that may require hospitalization, followed by a longer period of remission, and then repetitions of this pattern.chronic_______refers to the view that our aging society is being unfair to its younger members because older adults pile up advantages by receiving an inequality large allocation of resourcesgenerational inequityin the context of economic security which of the following is true regarding older adultspoverty is linked to lower levels of physical fitness in older adultsidentify the possible double jeopardy for elderly ethnic minority individualsracism and ageismthe term baltes uses to describe the hardware of the mind meaning the neurophysiological architecture of the brain that was developed through evolution iscognitive mechanicsCognitive ________ are the culture-based "software programs" of the mind.pragmaticswhich of the following concepts have distinctions similar to the ones between cognitive mechanics and cognitive pragmaticsfluid intelligence and crystallized intelligence______ attention is focused and extended engagement with an object, task, event, or some other aspect of the environmentsustained______ which is closely linked to short-term memory allows children and adults to manipulate and assemble information when making decisions solving problems and comprehending written and spoken languageworking memory_______ memory is memory without conscious recollectionimplicit_____ is expert knowledge about the practical aspects of life that permits practical judgment about important matters.wisdomThe concept of _____ emphasizes that changes in cognitive functioning may be linked more to distance from death or cognition related pathology than to distance from birthterminal declineThe concept of _____ emphasizes that changes in cognitive activity patterns might result in disuse and consequent atrophy of cognitive skills.use it or lose it_______ refers to extended verbal expression in speech or writingdiscourse_____ is the global term for any neurological disorder in which the primary symptoms involve a deterioration of mental functioning.dementiaLife _____ is the number of years that the average person born in a particular year will probably live.expectancythe "latino health paradox" refers to the fact thatlatinos have a life expectancy 5.7 years above non latinosaccording to evolutionary theory, natural selection is linked to ________ which is present in the earlier part of adulthoodreproductive fitness______theory states that cells can divide a maximum of about 75-80 times and that as we age our cells become less capable of dividingcellular clock______ theory states that aging is due to the decay of ______mitochondrial; mitochondriaone of the challenges in the health care given to elderly patients is that elderly patientstake a less active role in their own 1900 most people diedat home, cared for by their family.brain death occurs whenall electrical activity of the brain has ceased for a specified period of timea _______ is a living document that reflects the patients advance care planningliving willan advance directive such as a living will must be signed whenan individual is able to think clearlyEuthanasia is otherwise known aseasy deathwhat do studies say of the american attitude toward euthanasia after the terri shiavo casethere is a trend toward accepting passive euthanasia in cases of terminally i'll patientsHospice advocates emphasizethe advantages of controlling pain for dying individuals.most psychologists emphasize that _____ is the best strategy in discussing death with childrenhonestyaccording to kubler ross which of the following is the first stage of dyingdenial and isolation_____ is the emotional numbness, disbelief, separation anxiety, despair, sadness, and loneliness that accompany the loss of someone we love.griefprolonged grief disorder is also known as _____ griefcomplicated