Blood, Heart, and Vessels Review

Review for test over Blood, Heart, and Vessels
Which of the following is not a function of blood?
a. transportation
b. regulation
c. protection
d. all the answers above are correct
d. all the answers are correct
What sends electrical impulses to the atrium causing the heart to contract?
a. atrioventricular node
b. Sinoatrial node (SA NODE)
c. Bundle fibers
d. Purkinje fibers
b. Sinoartrial node (SA NODE)
The P wave is the resting and filling of the ventricals with blood: True or False?
a. True
b. False
What sends electrical commands to the ventricles to make it contract?
a. Bundle Branches
b. Sinoatrial node
c. QRS complex
d. Venous Return
C. QRS Complex