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style in which the background was enveloped in shadow and the important figures illuminated by a concentrated beam of light.


elaborate an extensive ornamentation in decorative art and architecture that flourished in Europe in the 17th century

Still Lifes

Paintings containing only objects, such as tableware, flowers, fruit or books. Common household items


describes paintings (particularly 17th century Dutch still lifes) that include references to death


people who follow tenebrosso or Carvaggio's style


an exubrent style of art

picaresgue novel

genre of prose that narrates, in a realistic way, the adventures of a picaro, a roguish hero of low social rank living by his wits in a corrupt society.

French gardens

Landscape architect André Le Nôtre [ leh NOHT] was in charge of the grounds at Versailles. He believed in the formal garden, and his methodical, geometrical design has come to be known as the French garden. The grounds were laid out around a main axis, emphasized by the giant cross- shaped Grand Canal, which stretched to the west of the palace Pathways radiated from this central

genre scenes

show ordinary people engaged in activities of everyday life

program music

or purely instrumental music in some way connected to a story or idea.

Michaelangelo last judgement

Saint Bartholomew, for instance, who was martyred by being skinned alive, sits just below Christ's feet, holding in his right hand a knife, the instrument of his torture, and in his left hand his own flayed skin. Many scholars believe that the face on the flayed skin is a self- portrait of Michelangelo, suggesting his sense of his own martyrdom under the unre-lenting papal commissions of Pope Paul III. But it is the nudity of his figures that drew the most attention. In 1545, the poet Pietro Aretino wrote a letter to the painter, object-ing to the fresco

Hyacinthe Rigaud

Louis XIV, King of France

Anthony van Dyck

King Charles I at the Hunt,
painter, restrained baroque artist who was an english artist-pupil of rubens, court painter for charles 1


paintings, sought to manipu-late light and dark to great advantage as well. The acknowledged master of light and dark, Shadow painting
The Calling of Saint Matthew..Levi, saint matthew and saint peter..
conversion of saint paul

James Cook

exploration of the South Sea islands by Captain


a baroque architect and sculptor. Made the Colonnade for piazza in from of St. Peter's Basilica in Rome and was his greatest architectural work, and the Canopy over the high altar of St. Peter's Cathedral, and the altarpiece The Ecstasy of St. Teresa, that shows a lot of emotion

El Greco

Spanish painter remembered for his religious works characterized by elongated human forms and dramatic use of color... n
known for the Resurrection


Jupiter and lo..
well defined body and Jupiter dark and amorphous form is fully mannerist in spirit

louis XIV

age of absolutism.. the sun king..
founded the academy of art , dance and sculpture, paintings, and architecture

Claudio Manterverdi

First Opera and orchestral introduction and elaborate solo songs

Artemisia Gentileschi

famous for vivid depictions of dramatic sense and her Judith paintings, "Judith Slaying Holofernes", painted strong heroic women in her paintings. trained under her father


most sought after portrait painter ...Christ preaching and anatomy lesson exttreme clarity...triangle of light


painted the Kermis people were not in focus


advocated a classical approach to painting. A painting's subject matter, he believed, should be drawn from classical mythology or Christian tradition, not everyday life. Painting technique itself should be con-trolled and refined. painted The shepards of Arcadia


lutheran hymns 195 surviving cantatas most famous is NO 80

Ignatius Loyola

Founded the Society of Jesus, resisted the spread of Protestantism, wrote Spiritual Exercises.

Johannes Goedaert

Still life.. Flowers in the vase blue
Earthly pleasures do not last

Council of Trent

This was the meeting called by Pope Paul III that secured reconciliation with the Protestants.restoring Church discipline..halt to selling religious goods 1545-1563

Jan Vermeer

painted Genre scenes painted women with the pearl necklace

Antonio Vivaldi

four seasons

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