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A high school newspaper is banned from writing articles about teenage pregnancy. The student newspaper staff sues the school district for preventing them from using their right to freedom of speech. This would be considered
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BABY CHICK SURVIVES THE ODDSsoftTOBACCO INDUSTRY INVESTIGATEDhard- affects large number of pplHard news is always about people in other countries.falseTop of the Mountain High School now requires all students to wear school uniforms. The eleventh grade students staged a protest by walking out on all of their classes to make people aware of their stand to preserve their right of choice. This would be consideredsoftA renowned scientist was eating lunch and accidentally spilled a condiment into his chemical beaker. This led to a reaction that eventually triggered a theory on DNA research and its possibilities in fighting incurable diseases. Does this story start with the most important angle?no- This story mostly concentrates on how the breakthrough came about instead of announcing at the beginning that the breakthrough had been made.A law passed in one state made harsh punishments against any underage person who was caught with cigarettes. This would be consideredhard newsThe Senate will vote on tobacco restrictions after hearing from tobacco growers and cancer victims. This would be consideredhard newsA major rock star met with the President of the United States to discuss his views on government censorship of modern music. This would be consideredsoft newsRetired police officer Jayden Andrews called in a tip on a company that asks for credit card numbers over the phone. This company had taken money from many senior citizens, and consumers are reminded never to give personal information over the phone. Does this story concentrate on the most important angle?yesWhat would a good reporter ask to determine the impact of a story for the public?How does this story affect the people involved?The federal government suddenly turns part of rural Utah into a national monument. This decision would have the greatest impact onthe people who live next to the monumentJeffrey's editor asked him to cover a story on a senator's remarks against a federal budget bill that was recently passed in Washington, D.C. This would be consideredhard newsYou see the headline, "Pakistan Prime Minister Announces Resignation." This would be consideredhard newsWhy would the headline, "Rock Star Meets With President," be considered soft news?entertaining but still gives infosteps for lead sentences1. contain an interesting summary of your entire article 2. use the least amount of words possible, usually not more than thirty-five words total 3. capture the interest of the audience right from the beginningHazelwood v. KuhlmeierThe principal is the publisher of the newspaperYou did an interview with an older man who throws socks at people who trespass on his lawn and claims the city is suing him for assault with a deadly weapon. When you follow the copy editing steps, you shouldverify your source's claims of a lawsuitcopy-editing steps1. reread your article 2. check your facts 3. read your article again (important information at the beginning with the details following in decreasing importance) (no opinions) 4.read again to make sure it reads smoothlyYou should use a traditional news lead for a feature storyfalseYour editor asks you to write an article that would contrast the hard-hitting articles in this week's edition of your paper. You decide that the best type of article you could write for this would be a(n) _____________ article.featurefeature article-the human interest or entertainment -still has to be factual -still be professionalsports-good lead -plenty of background information -tight, concise article. -concentrating only on a team or individualeditorial-have opinions about current events -help public understand issues and present a perspective that it might not have thought about -goal is persuade them or make public decide what their opinion might beThe dummy is like the blueprint for how the finished copy of your newspaper will look?truesteps to making a dummy1. think about the design 2. make a list of everything going on the page 3. the flag (name of paper, date,edition number at the top of your page) 4. focal point 5. headlinewhat is the name of the news paper on a dummy calledbannerwhat is it called to continue an article onto another pagejumpbroadtcast journalism-triple space writing, no visible corrections -dont use unneeded words -dont need dates -phonetic spelling -read copy to make sure everything is smoothIt is the consumer who is going to decide where the media is going.trueTinker v. Des Moinesstudent expression could not be obscene, libelous, and couldnt disrupt school dayWhat are the copyediting symbols for a period, comma, and word omission?difference between broadcast and newspaperBroadcast journalism is hearing the news, and newspaper journalism is reading the news.copyediting chartbookmarkedcensorshipcensoring is stopping something because it is objectionable -a complaint is not censorshipSome students at your school want to stage a protest against the principal for banning all after-school clubs. I could not print this because:it would disrupt school activitiesIf the issue presented in an article may invade someone's rights or disrupt school activities, what gives school officials the right to censor it?The Tinker standard says they have that right.If the principal doesn't agree with the viewpoint being presented in an article, when can he or she censor it?if they can show a valid educational purpose for the censorshipsteps to an interview1. be on time 2. be courteous 3. friendly 4.prepared (most important/prepared for anything to happen) -read body language -avoid interruptingA chemical fire is started in the science lab. You think you know the names of the students who started it and want to publish them in the school newspaper. Which court ruling would tell you that you can't do that?Tinker v. Des MoinesTinker v. Des Moines was the first major court case to establish thatguidelines were neededA controversial South African leader is coming to your school. This leader has made accusations that your principal supposedly mistreats African Americans. Your principal denies the accusations. What would be the best way to present both sides of the issue in an article?in two interviews where you can get each party's viewpointYour friend tells you that the principal hired two teachers just because they were his cousins and needed a job. You could not print this becauseit could be libelousA Native American student at your high school passes out flyers and gives impromptu lectures on the front lawn stating that your high school textbooks have printed a prejudiced view of history that makes Native Americans look like childish idiots. This student wants you to print an article on it, but the principal has already said no. Which court ruling would back you up in your quest to publish this article?Hazelwood v. KuhlmeierDuring parent/teacher conference, a heated argument ensued between two parents. One parent made an obscene gesture at another parent. I could not write about the gesture in the school newspaper because itis obsceneWhich of the following is not a good way to give a professional interview?ask very personal questionsWhat is the most important thing to remember in setting up an interview like a professional?be preparedA student at your school is accused of killing a bird at your school. The student denies the whole incident. When you are doing your background research you find out that this student has six birds at home because he raises them to sell. His two favorite birds are named Maggie and Sonny. Would you include this in your article as part of the background information?yesThe night breeze wafts around a historic building bathed in glittering lights and drifts inside around works of art at the local Museum of Art, where the annual Spring Ball is going to be held. This is not a good lead sentence becausethe important information is not at the firstJared Stevens and Jeffrey Loyals don't view themselves as naturalists or activists, but the prospect of losing Honey Slopes on John's Mountain to governmental control or an anti-ski land purchaser spurred them to action Tuesday. This is not a good lead sentence becausethe important information is not at the firstA high school student brings a bottle of aspirin to school for her headaches. You decide this might be a good news story since someone could report her as breaking the school's drug policy for a simple bottle of aspirin. You find out the girl's headaches are caused from reading and doing her homework until two in the morning every night. She works at a fast food restaurant until midnight every night to help support her family, so the only time she has for schoolwork is late at night. In your article, what would you include as the background information for why she needs the aspirin at school?She uses the aspirin because she works late and gets chronic headaches.Which of the following will best help you write a good article?good, thorough noteswhat is the main focus of an articlethe 5 W and 1 Hbylinename of authorwhere is the byline placedunderneath headlineOn Wednesday, the owner of the popular Five and Dime Movies announced that the theater will stay in its present location in the downtown strip mall after turning down an offer from corporate giants to relocate to the new mall in the uptown area south of town. This is not a good lead sentence becauseit is too wordyYou are asked to do an article on the school uniform policy that the school board is trying to implement. You find out that two school board members went to private schools and had to wear uniforms and they feel that wearing uniforms helped them concentrate on their schoolwork and not on what everyone else was wearing. All of their children also go to a private school and wear uniforms. These school officials feel students look dignified in the uniforms and that uniforms would help parents cut down on costs. What would you include as important background information to tell why two school board members are voting for uniforms in the school?Two school board members went to private school and had to wear uniforms, and this helped them to concentrate on their schoolwork.The most important part of an article is thelead sentenceSix different ethnic groups will present displays and activities Wednesday afternoon at South High School to raise students' cultural awareness. This is a fairly good lead sentence because-the important information is at the first -it is a summary of what the article will be about -it answers most of the five Ws and one HYou are doing a story about a scholar at your school who was accepted to Harvard because of his exceptional grades and abilities at extracurricular activities. During your search for background information, you find out that this student has spent time in a foster home because his parents sometimes neglect him. Would you include this in your article as part of the background information?noWhen I am writing my article, the most important question I can ask myself is which of the following?What does the public want to know?My article is about vandalism in high schools across the country. Which headline would be the best choice?VANDALISM A VERITABLE PROBLEM IN U.S. HIGH SCHOOLSNathan Roberts felt like a millionaire while gardening in his new garden area last Saturday afternoon when he discovered gold coins in a small wooden box. This lead sentence could be improved byputting the important information firstIf you wanted to write an article using the inverted pyramid, what would be your sequence?important facts, important details, and then least important informationYou are a copyeditor and are editing someone else's article on a house fire. When you see these sentences, which copyediting symbol would you use to show the journalist his or her error? The witness remarked that it was the most spectacular house he had ever seen. One bystander said to the reporter, That heat was too hot for any human being to stand.It needs quotation marks. Copyediting symbol " VDuring which step of the copyediting process do you take out the excess background information?step 3I am the proofreader for my school newspaper and a reporter hands me a story on the number of parking violations at our school. The opening paragraph is Park, and the school cops will sing. Look how much money this ticket will bring. If you have a car, you probably have a ticket. This school gives out so many tickets we could have a raffle. Don't think you won't get caught. What would your biggest correction be as a proofreader?All the short sentences make it choppy.You are a copyeditor and are editing someone else's article. When you see this sentence, which copyediting symbol would you use to show the journalist his or her error? Since the senior prom has been mysteriously canceled until further notice, many newspapers have taken an interest in the story, including the New York Times.New York Times should be italicized. Copyediting symbol _________What does a letter with three lines underneath it mean when you are using copyediting symbols?That letter needs to be capitalized.Your friend asks you to edit the following paragraph: Jim Rowe witnessed the robbery. Rowe is 6 foot 2, has blond hair and likes mountain biking. He said he saw a man running north after the robbery. What would you change?Remove extra background information in the second sentence.You are a copyeditor and are editing someone else's article. When you see these sentences, which copyediting symbol would you use to show the journalist his or her error? The absolutely beautiful golden retrievers were stolen from their owner's front yard. "They were special dogs being trained to help the blind," said Ryan Cole. "It is a double tragedy."Absolutely beautiful should be taken out because it's an opinion.A reporter at your school does a story on how many hall passes are given out in a day. The reporter does opinion polls, interviews, and then writes the story. You are the proofreader, and this is the first paragraph: The dark, narrow hall smells of chalkdust. Footsteps are silent for the moment as the education of young adults takes place in the rooms nearby. My shoes click along as my thoughts wander to what I should write in this article. It is an eerie sound hearing only myself—click, click, click. What would your biggest correction be as a proofreader?It is hard to find the focus.I follow my editor's advice and let two of my friends read my article to see if they can find any mistakes that I could correct. One friend says he loved it and didn't see any mistakes. The other friend says she saw one section that she had to read over twice because it was hard to understand what I was trying to get across. What should I do?Look over the section and change the part she had trouble understanding.You are the proofreader for an article on the new girls' wrestling team at your school. One of the sentences states: Some might think that it would be a painful thing to watch two young ladies choking and holding one another in a sweat-filled match, but it really is quite entertaining. What would your biggest correction be as a proofreader?Calling the match entertaining is your opinion and it's editorializing.The last step of the copyediting process is checking the facts.false (last step is to check for flow and readability)Proofreading comes before copyediting in the publishing process.falseYour friend and fellow journalist asks you to look over his or her hard news article and give your opinion on its content. The article states: Environmental wackos have no place in modern society. Our world is large enough to sustain any population and these Hug the Trees people need to get a life. If you were to give your friend your honest opinion, you would askDo you think that you are editorializing in the article?A sports reporter acts as an observer for the public.TrueSports stories need an angle to make them timely and interesting.trueA sports reporter needs to interpret the action of a game for the public.trueThe valedictorian of your class is also on the cross-country running team at your school and helped them win a victory at the championships last weekend. The best type of article you could write for this event would be a(n) __________ article.sportsYou are expelled from school for giving your friend a simple headache tablet during class. You feel you were treated unfairly and want to tell your side of the story. The best kind of article you could write about this would be a(n) __________ article.editorialYou should always offer solutions at the conclusion of your editorial so that the public will know that you have answers and they should agree with you.falseYou are asked to write an article about tainted food that was delivered to your high school's cafeteria. The food made several people sick yesterday. The best kind of article you could write for this would be a(n) __________ article.hard newsThe new basketball coach at your school is also the new English teacher whose method of teaching is different and interesting. Students seem to like it more than other methods. The best type of article you could write would be a(n) __________ article.featureYour school district decides that there will be no prom king or prom queen since these types of activities promote class distinctions. You think it is discrimination against the prom king since he is the major sports star at your school but has a few problems academically. The best type of story you could write about this event would be a(n) __________ article.editorialYour high school football coach believes that high school sports are too competitive. He is trying to make his opinion heard. The best type of article you could write for this would be a(n) __________ article.sportsEditorials are meant to give information in a way that makes people think about their own opinions.trueA feature story could be a human interest story.trueFeature stories are fun and don't have to be factual.falseYour editor asks you to write an article that would contrast the hard-hitting articles in the edition of your paper this week. You decide that the best type of article you could write for this would be a(n) __________ article.featureA news peg is like an angle; it is the important fact you are focusing on in your article.trueYour student body president doesn't feel like there are enough trees on your school campus. He or she wants to have a "plant a tree" tradition where every year the entire student body will help plant a tree around the campus and then help take care of them. The best type of article you could write about this would be a(n) __________ article.featureThe basketball team lost to its cross-town rivals last night. The best type of article you could write about this would be a(n) __________ article.sportsYou don't need research for an editorial, just a strong opinion.falseIf you wrote an article about a group that staged a protest against pep rallies, the best kind of article you could write for this would be a(n) __________ article.featureYou should use a traditional summary news lead for a feature story.falseIf you are using a photo, you should mark the boxes it is going to take up. (dummy grid)TrueThe most commonly used grid for student newspapers is the broadway grid.falseThe dummy is like the blueprint for how the finished copy of your newspaper will look.truesluglineswords that remind you what the picture is about. should be included every time you use a pictureYour banner should be five columns across and centered.truePoint size is how big the letters are.trueIf I'm the designer and I'm going to jump the article, that means that I can't fit it all on so I'll just not print it this time.falseThe flag is the name of the paper, the date, and the edition.trueHeadlines should always cover the columns of the article they belong to.trueThe focal point is always the upper righthand corner.falseA mini-headline in broadcast news is like asummary of the story.The best thing you could do to help the newscaster read your copy more easily is tospell difficult names phoneticallyYou have written your copy for the evening news, and it has been edited and proofread. The last stepyou should take before giving it to the newscaster isread it out loud to make sure it sounds rightstation managersurpervises department directors -serves as a liaison between the bosses and the workersprogram directorin charge of all the on-air programming like music, news, and sports (must get permission from them)directorfor each department like sports, news, and music that is in charge of making sure that proper programming is used for each individual departmentIf your school was going to sponsor a broadcast news team, the principal would have to bethe station managerYou are the music director for a radio station. You can decideall the music with the cooperation of the program directorWhen you are writing broadcast news copy, you should always ________ and make sure it is perfect.triple-space your writingWriting broadcast news is a lot like storytelling, but you must always remember tobe concise and clearSome people use the Internet as their only source of news.trueThe public needs every news piece explained in depth to them.falseIt is only in the twentieth century that we have seen an explosion in the information market.trueThe newspaper is a slow way to receive your news.trueThe biggest problem is that everyone is competing for the same viewers and readers.true