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Rule by one person, power by heritage


Rule by a small group of people who share similar interests or family relations


Rule by the wealthy


Rule by the religious elite


Rule by all the people; consensus

Define Government

A legitimate ruling power to serve and protect it's citizens

Functions of Government

1) Make and enforce laws 2) Insure safety and peace 3) Issue state administration

What makes government legitimate?

Political Participation

Define the political process (or politics)

"Who gets what, when, and how" -Harold Lasswell

Who owns the means of production in Communism?

The government

Who owns the means of production in Socialism?

Private individuals and the government

Who owns the means of production in Fascism?

A dictator

Define Extremist

A radical group who usually deals with ONE social idea

Where does Communism place on the political compass?

Far Left

Where does Socialism place on the political compass?


Where does Extremist place on the political compass?


Where does Fascism place on the political compass?

Far Right

The 1st Amendment guarantees...

Freedom of speech, religion, press, peaceful assembly, right to petition the government

The 14th Amendment guarantees...

Due process (the right to a fair trial). Applies the Bill of Rights to the states. Applies the incorporation doctrine.

The 15th Amendment guarantees...

Voting rights can not be abridged based on race, color, or servitude

The 19th Amendment guarantees...

Voting rights can not be abridged based on sex


a process that extended the protections of the Bill of Rights against the actions of state and local governments

Top five political parties in the US?

Democratic, Republican, Green, Libertarian, Constitutional

Four Pillars of the Green Party

Environmental Awareness, Non-violence, Grass Roots democracy, Social Justice

Civil Liberties

the legal constitutional protections against government. Although our civil liberties are formally set down in the bill of rights, the courts, police and legislatures define their meaning.

Schenck v. United States

Supreme court decides that any actions taken that present a "clear and present danger" to the public or government isn't allowed, this can limit free speech

Gitlow v. New York

Incorporated the first amendment to the states

FCC v. Pacifica Foundation

The government can limit unwanted speech

Stromberg v. California

The States can not infringe on the first amendment right to freedom of speech and expression

United States v. O'Brien

The government had the right to regulate speech if: 1) It furthers an important government interest 2) The government interest is unrelated to suppression of freedom of speech 3) The restriction on the freedom is no greater necessary to the furtherance of the interest

Tinker v. Des Moines Independent Community School

Extended freedom of speech to symbolic speech

Texas v. Johnson

Flag-burning is symbolic speech and is protected under the constitution

Lyng v. Northwest Indian Cemetery Protective Association

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The Linares Case

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Hobson v. Wilson

Better enforced the 13th Amendment

Coy v. Iowa

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