Developmental Psychology Exam 6

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________ provide(s) an explanation as to why people are attracted to those who are similar in attitudes and values.
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Which of the following is a characteristic of postformal thought?knowing that the correct answer may vary from situation to situationThe transition from high school to college involves all of the following positive features, EXCEPT -more independence. -less stress -more time to explore different lifestyles -more subject matter choicesless stressResearch shows that today's college students report more ________ than in the past.depressionWhich of the following statements regarding temperament in children and young adults is true?A high level of emotionality at 6 years of age was associated with depression in emerging adulthood.________ individuals are hesitant about getting involved in romantic relationships, and once in a relationship, they tend to distance themselves from their partner.AvoidantTom, a young adult, is often emotional, possessive, and jealous, and he demands closeness in his relationships. His attachment style would best be described asanxious.The relationships of securely attached adults are more likely to be characterized by all of the following, EXCEPT -longevity. -distance -trust -commitmentdistance________ determines that, although we may prefer a more attractive person in the abstract, in the real world we end up choosing someone who is close to our own level of attractiveness.The matching hypothesisAccording to Robert Sternberg, consummate love involves the presence ofpassion, intimacy, and commitment.Which of John Gottman's successful marriage principles is reflected in his advice to regulate emotions, compromise, and be tolerant of each other's faults?solving solvable conflictsThe advantages of having a baby later in life include which of the following?-Parents will have had more time to consider their family and career goals. -Parents will benefit from their life experiences and engage in more competent parenting. -Parents will benefit from their life experiences and engage in more competent parenting.________ talk is the language of conversation and is a way of establishing connections and negotiating relationships.RapportAccording to research, in what ways are most gay and lesbian relationships similar to heterosexual relationships?the experience of commitment and emotional intimacyThe developmental stage of emerging adulthood appears in all cultures thatpostpone assuming adult roles and responsibilities.As of 2014, the most common living arrangement for 18- to 34-year-olds wasliving with parents.Which of the following statements about adult lifestyles over the past several decades is accurate?There has been a dramatic increase in the percentage of single adults.