Posterior Pituitary Gland

What does the posterior pituitary do?
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action of hypertonic salinedraws fluid out of cells when NA is lowfluid restriction for SIADH500-1,000 ml per daywhen would we be concerned fluid overload is getting worse?1kg/day weight gainDI vs SIADH--- ADHDI: decrease SIADH: increaseDI vs SIADH--- serum osmolarityDI: increase SIADH: decreasenormal serum osmolarity275-295DI vs SIADH---- sodiumDI: increase SIADH: decreaseDI vs SIADH---- UODI: increase SIADH: decreaseDI vs SIADH---- urine specific gravityDI: decrease SIADH: increasenormal urine specific gravity1.005-1.030DI vs SIADH---- urine osmolarityDI: decrease SIADH: increasenormal urine osmolarity300-900