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different eras of military service
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Involves behaviors such as:
- Communication
- Extending consideration to a partner
- Perspective-taking
- Mutuality- considering what you, your partner needs in relationship. Acting in a way to reach both partners needs.
ex. really listening to partner, showing concern, if partner gives advice, expressing ways you are being open
- Escalations in negativity characterize NOT accepting influence - Accepting influence is interactional- Theoretical roots: mutual influence - Family of origin may shape accepting influence (Peterson et al.,Accepting Influence and Family Outcomes - Higher relationship satisfaction - Higher communication satisfaction - Higher family satisfaction (Peterson et al., 2021; Peterson & Lucier-Greer, 2021) Intervention pointNOT Accepting Influence and Family Outcomes - More intense forms of intimate partner violence - Divorce- Gottman's findings emphasize the importance of men accepting influence from women in heterosexual couples - Research with military couples replicate this - Research not extended to LGBTQ+Accepting influence and military couples - Why might accepting influence be important for military couples? - Let's think about topics recently discussed in class... --> Race/ethnicity --> Substance abuse --> Economic stress - How might accepting influence look different for couples of different races, couples experiencing substance abuse, or couples with economic stress? - Why might accepting influence be important for couples experiencing substance abuse or economic stress?Gottman Love Lab