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In a switched network, they are mostly configured between switches at the core and distribution layers.
The interface vlan command has to be entered to create a VLAN on routed ports.
They support subinterfaces, like interfaces on the Cisco IOS routers.
They are used for point-to-multipoint links.
They are not associated with a particular VLAN.
Configure the 5 GHz band for streaming multimedia and time sensitive traffic.

Configure the security mode to WPA Personal TKIP/AES for one network and WPA2 Personal AES for the other network

Configure the 2.4 GHz band for basic internet traffic that is not time sensitive.

Configure the security mode to WPA Personal TKIP/AES for both networks.
to create fewer collision domains to enhance user bandwidth to create more broadcast domains to eliminate virtual circuits to isolate traffic between segments to isolate ARP request messages from the rest of the network104. What are two reasons a network administrator would segment a network with a Layer 2 switch? (Choose two.)The EtherChannel is down. The port channel ID is 2. The port channel is a Layer 3 channel. The bundle is fully operational. The load-balancing method used is source port to destination port.Refer to the exhibit. Which two conclusions can be drawn from the output? (Choose two.)MSTP RSTP Rapid PVST+ PVST+ STPWhich two types of spanning tree protocols can cause suboptimal traffic flows because they assume only one spanning-tree instance for the entire bridged network? (Choose two.)Configure the new switch as a VTP client. Configure the existing VTP domain name on the new switch. Configure an IP address on the new switch. Configure all ports of both switches to access mode. Enable VTP pruning.A new switch is to be added to an existing network in a remote office. The network administrator does not want the technicians in the remote office to be able to add new VLANs to the switch, but the switch should receive VLAN updates from the VTP domain. Which two steps must be performed to configure VTP on the new switch to meet these conditions? (Choose two.)fast internal switching large frame buffers store-and-forward switching low port density frame check sequence (FCS) checkWhat are two switch characteristics that could help alleviate network congestion? (Choose two.)The domain-name line is included in the ipv6 dhcp pool section. The dns-server line is included in the ipv6 dhcp pool section. The ipv6 nd other-config-flag is entered for the interface that faces the LAN segment. The address prefix line is included in the ipv6 dhcp pool section. The ipv6 nd managed-config-flag is entered for the interface that faces the LAN segment.A network administrator has configured a router for stateless DHCPv6 operation. However, users report that workstations are not receiving DNS server information. Which two router configuration lines should be verified to ensure that stateless DHCPv6 service is properly configured? (Choose two.)When a packet arrives on a router interface, it is forwarded to the control plane where the CPU matches the destination address with a matching routing table entry. This is the fastest forwarding mechanism on Cisco routers and multilayer switches. With this switching method, flow information for a packet is stored in the fast-switching cache to forward future packets to the same destination without CPU intervention. Packets are forwarded based on information in the FIB and an adjacency table. When a packet arrives on a router interface, it is forwarded to the control plane where the CPU searches for a match in the fast-switching cache.. What are two characteristics of Cisco Express Forwarding (CEF)? (Choose two.)personal AES TKIP WEP enterpriseA technician is configuring a wireless network for a small business using a SOHO wireless router. Which two authentication methods are used, if the router is configured with WPA2? (Choose two.)prefix length subnet mask in dotted decimal notation domain name administrative distance prefix DNS server IP addressA PC has sent an RS message to an IPv6 router attached to the same network. Which two pieces of information will the router send to the client? (Choose two.)Configure the switch with the name of the new management domain. Reset the VTP counters to allow the switch to synchronize with the other switches in the domain. Configure the VTP server in the domain to recognize the BID of the new switch. Download the VTP database from the VTP server in the new domain. Select the correct VTP mode and version. Reboot the switch.Which three steps should be taken before moving a Cisco switch to a new VTP management domain? (Choose three.)fa0/9 fa0/13 fa0/10 fa0/20 fa0/21 fa0/11Refer to the exhibit. All the displayed switches are Cisco 2960 switches with the same default priority and operating at the same bandwidth. Which three ports will be STP designated ports? (Choose three.)auto default passive desirable extended onSelect the three PAgP channel establishment modes. (Choose three.)IP address VTP domain vty lines default VLAN default gateway loopback addressA network administrator is configuring a new Cisco switch for remote management access. Which three items must be configured on the switch for the task? (Choose three.)host B host C host D host E host F host GRefer to the exhibit. Which three hosts will receive ARP requests from host A, assuming that port Fa0/4 on both switches is configured to carry traffic for multiple VLANs? (Choose three.)802.11a 802.11b 802.11g 802.11n 802.11acWhich three Wi-Fi standards operate in the 2.4GHz range of frequencies? (Choose three.)dynamic auto - dynamic auto access - trunk dynamic desirable - trunk access - dynamic auto dynamic desirable - dynamic desirable dynamic desirable - dynamic autoWhich three pairs of trunking modes will establish a functional trunk link between two Cisco switches? (Choose three.)Use private VLANs. Enable BPDU guard. Enable trunking manually Enable Source Guard. Disable DTP. Set the native VLAN to an unused VLAN.What are three techniques for mitigating VLAN attacks? (Choose three.)Three security violations have been detected on this interface. This port is currently up. The port is configured as a trunk link. Security violations will cause this port to shut down immediately. There is no device currently connected to this port. The switch port mode for this interface is access mode.Refer to the exhibit. The network administrator is configuring the port security feature on switch SWC. The administrator issued the command show port-security interface fa 0/2 to verify the configuration. What can be concluded from the output that is shown? (Choose three.)entering "no switchport" on the port connected to the router assigning ports to VLANs enabling IP routing creating VLANs creating SVI interfacesA new Layer 3 switch is connected to a router and is being configured for interVLAN routing. What are three of the five steps required for the configuration? (Choose three.) Case 1:An autonegotiation failure can result in connectivity issues. When the speed is set to 1000 Mb/s, the switch ports will operate in full-duplex mode. The duplex and speed settings of each switch port can be manually configured. Enabling autonegotiation on a hub will prevent mismatched port speeds when connecting the hub to the switch. By default, the speed is set to 100 Mb/s and the duplex mode is set to autonegotiation. By default, the autonegotiation feature is disabled.Which three statements accurately describe duplex and speed settings on Cisco 2960 switches? (Choose three.)