Chapter 16 Quiz

Which term best describes receptors that detect body and limb movement, skeletal muscle contraction and stretch, and joint capsule structure?
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The gelatinous mass inside of the eye is called thevitreous humorWhat part of the retina lacks photoreceptors?optic discWhen light strikes a photoreceptor itdeporlarizes and releases more neurotransmitter.It may take nearly a half hour for rods of the retina to regenerate a full supply of photopigment during the process ofdark adaptationThe lens of the eye flattens whenciliary muscles relaxThe conjunctiva that lines the internal surface of the eyelids is termed the conjunctivapalpebralWhat is the function of the auditory tube?To equalize air pressure between the atmosphere and the middle earWhen you travel on a moving walkway or an elevator, the linear acceleration of your body is sensed by theutricle and sacculeAuditory cells in the superior olivary nucleus receive their input from the:cochlear nuclei, and they are involved in localizing the source of a soundThe vestibular nuclei are located within the and project directly to themedulla; cerebellum