Joints and Body Movements-A&P

Cartilaginous Joint
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Articular Cartilagekeeps bone ends from crushing when compressed; resilientSynovial fluidlubricant that minimizes friction and abrasion of joint surfaces; keeps joints from overheatingAbductionaway from midlineAdductiontowards midlineCircumduction"cone"; flexion, extension, abduction, & adductionDorsiflexionup on heel of foot; toe towards shinEversionsole of body part outwardExtensionincrease angle @ jointFlexiondecrease angle @ jointInversionsole of body part inwardPlantar flexionsole of foot pushes downward; calf raisePronationopposite of supination; palm downProtractionmove structure anteriorlyRetractionmove structure interiorlyRotationmove the bone around its own axisSupinationanatomical position; palm up (holding soup)Planeintercarpal joints; femoropatellar joint of the knee; proximal tibiofibular jointSaddlecarpometacarpal joint of the thumbHipExtremely stable joint