Ancient Greece Vocabulary

17 terms by mattaa

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a central city and its surrounding villages


land that is surrounded by water on three sides


a territory or community that is under control of another country


fast ships used by Greeks in battles


the central city of a city-state


a form of government in which a few powerful individuals rule


a form of government in which citizens vote to make decisions; "rule by the people"


a form of government where a king or queen rules; government by "one"

Alexander the Great

king of Macedonia whose conquests spread Greek culture throughout parts of the world


a play in which the story and characters are humorous


a person who studies and thinks about why the world is the way it is


a traditional story attempting to explain some belief or occurrence


Greek philosopher and student of Socrates


Greek philosopher who sentenced to death for urging young people to revolt


a large temple built on the Acropolis in Athens and dedicated to the goddess Athena


a serious play that has an unhappy ending


Greek philosopher and private teacher of Alexander the Great

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