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According to your text, to become acquainted requires all of the following except
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Inaccuracy in social perceptions can contribute to prejudice in the following ways with the exception ofImpression ManagementWe all need to learn to respect diversity in relationships. The best way to understand what others' behavior means isTo ask_____ describes the way we perceive, evaluate, categorize, and form judgments about the qualities of people we encounterSocial perceptionAll asian individuals are smart. The this statement is an example ofStereotypingIn the attribution processWe judge a person's personality by how they act, without considering the situation and context involvedFirst impressions are easily overcome by new informationFalse____ refers to our conscious efforts to present ourselves in socially desirable waysimpression managementWhich of the following does not influence our social perceptions- the creation of images of ourselves and of others?emotional supportBeing aware of how we are reacting to others is necessary when becoming acquainted with othersTrueWhich of the following will help us overcome loneliness?both A & B are correctThe process of acquiring a sense of self evolves from our experiences and interactions with others within the environment.TrueThe "The Big Five" personality factors include openness to experience, conscientiousness, extraversion, agreeableness, and neuroticism.TrueAcceptance of the things that we want to change about ourselves and recognition of our strengths are both important in having a positive self-imageTrueFeeling good about yourself is all you need to do to have self-esteemFalseFreud's theory states that a person's personality is made up of three distinct but interrelated parts; these three parts arethe id, the ego, the superegMost psychologists feel that self-image isacquiredAll of the following are stages of Erikson's psychosocial development exceptsensing versus intuitionSelf esteem is improved bypositive self talkTrait theoriesall of the above are trueAccording to Carl Rogers, the difficulties in functioning are caused by the lack of __________ by others, starting at birth.unconditional acceptanceSelf actualization can best be described asbeing all that one can beOne of the basic tenets of Viktor Frankl's beliefs about the human personality isthat we have a need to search for meaning and a purpose in lifeVirginia Satir states that one of the crucial factors that determine the quality of interpersonal relationships isself-worthWe gather information about our self image through the following meansA & cAll of the following are strategies to improve self esteem exceptuse your defense mechanismsAdler argued that the foremost human drive isstriving for superioritySelf-affirmations refer topositive self statements or self-talkOf the "Big Five" personality factors, which trait can be best described as careful versus careless?Conscientiousness_________ refers to overall evaluation of oneself, whether one likes or dislikes who one is, believes or doubts oneself, and values or belittles one's worth.self-esteemAccording to your author, by making mistakes youtake more risks, stretch, grow, and enjoy life more.People who believe they can control events in their environment are more adaptable to the stress in their lives than people who believe that they have less controlTrueAn example of an individual that may display learned helplessness would be an individual in a violent relationshipTruenegative reinforcement is when something bad happens when you do somethingFalseInternal locus of control refers tobeing motivated by the belief that you can adequately control you environmentPaying attention to people, places, or things that are new, different, unique, or original refers to what kind of stimulinovelWhich of the following statements is true regarding locus of control?Internals seem to be more successful in more aspects of life than externals._________ is based on the premise that we are controlled by the consequences of our behavior.operant conditioningWhich of the following individuals are least likely to demonstrate learned helplessness?An individual that has just graduated high school.________ is our belief about our ability to perform behaviors that should lead to expected outcomes.Self-Efficacy________ thinking tends to lead us to a more successful, happier, and healthier life.OptimisticObservational learning occurs when an individual's behavior is influenced byindividuals serving as modelsThe first step in any self change program isidentify the behavior to be changed.The statement "modeling has a great impact on personality development" is most likely associated withsocial learning theoryAn example of Operant Conditioning is:you work to get paid.Originally, I tolerated peas; I ate them when I needed to. Later, I was forced to eat my peas until they were all gone; I had to clean my plate. Each time I put peas in my mouth I would feel sick and sometimes vomit. Now, years later I hate peas, I won't touch them. Even when I see peas I get upset. Why?This was learned through classical conditioning.Which statement is true regarding negative reinforcement?anything that increases a behavior by virtue of its termination or avoidanceLearned helplessnessis the passive behavior produced by the exposure to unavoidable aversive eventsA person's sense of self efficacy is related to the person's fulfillment of culturally mandated, gender appropriate norms. Which of the following relate to this statement?All of the above relate to this statement.What is needed in order to keep a relationship on a positive basis over a long period of time?both a and c are needed.People who are more influenced by an external locus of control when faced with a threatening situation are more apt togive less effort to a taskEmotions can best be described asfeelings that are experiencedFour of the basic emotions are:mad, sad, glad, scared.Emotions begin to have negative effects when they are viewed as being excessive in:intensity and durationWhen the quality of a threatening experience is blown way out of proportion to the actual danger posed and to the point that the anxiety hinders daily functioning, it becomesneurotic anxietyAll of the following are guidelines for facing your fears and anxieties exceptavoid confrontationAnger most often begins witha loss or the threat of a lossAll of the following are characteristics of anger exceptusually begins with a hostile actAll of the following are do's and don'ts of effective emotional expression of anger exceptdo say everything that is on your mind_________ is the realization of sorrow over having done something morally, socially, or ethically wrongguiltAll of the following are true regarding grief excepteveryone experiences stages of griefIn __________, people are usually conscious of their emotions, but deliberately control rather than express them.suppressionIn the shorthand technique for expressing your feelings, you are encouraged toall of the aboveWhich of the following statements are true regarding cognitive appraisal?Emotional intelligence consists ofAll of the aboveWhile a variety of strategies can be used in the forgiveness process, all of the following stages will be involved exceptlearning to forgive and forget.Accepting and learning to handle and express emotions is a mark ofmaturityA condition of imbalance in which feelings are trapped instead of expressed is a definition ofEmotional DebtTo have excessive guilt can be destructive; it is equally as destructive to have no guilt at allTrueLabeling our feelings and paying attention to our physiological signals are two important guidelines for dealing with our emotionsTrueOften when we express our feelings, others will be more likely to express some of their own.TrueWhat percentage of our communication is nonverbal communication?More than 65%Nonverbal communication can relate to verbal communication byAll of the aboveWhich type of communication frequently results in our making inaccurate inferences or assumptions?one-way communication.Stereotyping, having a closed mind, and jumping to conclusion are all examples ofbarriers to interpersonal communicationWhich of the following is not a technique for improving verbal communication?use emotion packed phrases.What percentage of oral communication do researchers claim is ignored, misunderstood, or quickly forgotten?75%As discussed in your text, which of the following are barriers to listening?Internal psychological filters, hidden agenda, preoccupation, noise.All of the following are guidelines for giving constructive criticism except:focus on what is not being said as well as to what is being saidWhich of the following is true regarding gestures and other body movements relating to communication?certain gestures or movements mean We can not make assumptions about what.Empathy refers to the ability toUnderstand how another person feels and how he or she perceives the situationThe process of conveying feelings, attitudes, facts, beliefs, and ideas between individuals either verbally or nonverbally could be used as a definition forcommunicationThe key element in two way communication isfeedbackOne of the most difficult barriers to successful communication isAssumptionsThe most important single factor affecting our communication with others isour self-conceptWhich of the following statements are true regarding gender differences related to communication?All of the statements are trueQuestions that provide space for the speaker to explore his or her thoughts are calledopen questionsIn the __________ response, the receiver tries to tell the sender what his/her problem really is and how the sender really feels about the situation.interpretativeWhich of the following statements are true regarding personal space and distance?Many times you can tell how people feel toward one another by observing the distance between them.Our __________ consists of prejudices, past experiences, hopes, and anxieties, and is the avenue through which we process all the information we receive.internal psychological filterAccording to Carl Rogers, a major barrier to building close relationships is the natural tendency toJudge and evaluate the statements made by othersThe single most common source of conflict within a marriage is:moneyFamily violence has been associated with families who cannot __________communicate wellJealousy in a relationship may be a function ofall of the aboveOn an average, how many years do most first marriages that end in divorce last?Seven to EightWhen a divorce occurs, women seem to suffer most from a loss of income. Men seem to suffer most from:loss of emotional support and disrupted social tiesAll of the following are factors your authors recommend to increase the likelihood of getting to know a particular person.exposure, proximity, disclosureWhich of the following is true?People who have similar personalities, interests, and beliefs are more likely to be friendsIn terms of personality, the principle of complementary needs suggests thatin most relationships, each person supplies certain qualities that the other person lacksThe principle of reciprocity suggests thatwe tend to like people who like usAccording to your text, which of the following is not a question you might ask if attempting to decide whether to trust someone or not?Do they gossip a lot?"When the satisfaction, security and development of another person is as important to you as your own satisfaction, security, and development," __________ exists.LoveAll of the following are myths and truths associated with love exceptIn love relationships, all of the following are true EXCEPTwomen tend to believe that financial security is as important as passionAll of the following are true of happily married couples except:they both work outside the homeWhich of the following statements is not true of codependent behavior?Codependent behavior can never really be changed; it is just transferred to another relationship.Which of the following is not a quality of a good friend?DependenceWhat two critical similarities are important within a relationship?similar beliefs and similar attitudesWhich of the following is a recommendation for how to have a happy relationship?All of the AboveWhich of the following is not an important predictor of marital success?MoneyJohn Gottman believes that the longevity of a relationship depends on:That a couple maintains a five to one ratio of positive interactions to negative interactionsConflict can be defined as:all of the aboveConflict is generally viewed negatively by society because:most people do not know how to handle conflictOne positive effect of conflict may be that:it promotes growth in a relationshipWhen you approach a conflict situation, you can choose toavoid, flight, or move forwardHow we handle conflict in a relationship may show how healthy the relationship isTrueWhich part of the "I" message tells others what behavior you would like for them to substitute the next time a similar exchange occurs?a request and an invitation to respondWhich of the following is not a recommendation for learning to say no?Just say noThe three behavior styles in handling opposition and responding to conflict are:Passive, agressive, assertiveThe first component of the "I" message is:an objective non-judgmental description of the person's behaviorIts not the degree of conflict that sinks relationships, but the ways people resolve itTRUEWhich one of the following is not a step for win win conflict resolution?do what you think is best in any situationWhich of the following is not a recommendation for mastering interpersonal conflict?all of the above are recommendations for mastering interpersonal conflictThe main goal of assertiveness training is tohelp people express their thoughts, feelings and rights in a way that respects the rights of otherStart small, keep it simple, buy time, remain generous, and understand your yeses are all recommendations forSaying noWhen neither the goal nor the relationship is very important, it may be wiser to just avoid the conflicttrueA relationship with no a apparent conflict is healthier than one with frequent conflictFalseIt is perhaps wise to just avoid a conflict whenneither the goal nor the relationship is very importantWhen you're late picking me up from school, I feel very frustrated because I waste a lot of time waiting for you. I'd like to be picked up on time. This is an example of:an "I" messageWhich of the following is not a part of an "I" message?speak your mindWhich one of the following is not a step to follow in personal problem solving?Decide on the two best solutions________ is defined as short term stress that strengthens us for immediate physical activity, creativity, and enthusiasm.EutressChanges and threats that cause stress can fall into three categoriesanticipated, unexpected, and accumulating life eventsWhich personality type is associated with having the greater amounts of stress in an individual's life?AAccording to Lazarus, what is necessary to feel stress?Both A & B_____________is when a person redirects strong feelings from one person or object to another that seems more acceptable and less threatening.displacementAccording to your text, you have three different options when confronted with stressful events and situations. Which one of the following is not an option?change the other personAn event that causes stress is called astressor________ occurs when we are bored, lacking stimulation, or unchallengedhypostress________ is when we consciously think and make a decision to deal with the problems we face.copingThe two words that best relate to the actual cause of stress areWhich of the following is not one of the stages in the three-stage reaction to stress proposed by Dr. Seyle?overcompensateWhich of the following statements are true regarding stress?both A & BWhen stressed, men tend to:fight or fleeIndividuals who are more stress resistant and who are thus classified as hardy people seem to differ from others in three respects:commitment, control, and challengeHans Selye found that the body has a three stage reaction to stress called the:general adaptation syndromeReal physical disorder in which stress and emotional reactions play a part is a definition ofpsychosomatic disordersThe text indicates that stress-related disorders and symptoms account for approximately______ of the office visits to primary care physicians90%According to Albert Ellis, What creates most of our debilitating emotions?what we say to ourselves about our experiences"You never listen to me," is an example of what type of self talkovergeneralizationRecent research on stress tolerance and adaptation to stressful events indicates an important role of a/an __________ outlook on lifeoptimistica value refers to the personal worth that we place on anall of the aboveWhich of the following is not one of the six pillars of character described in your text?loveAccording to Stephen Covey, __________ is a style of living based first and foremost on prioritized principles and values.character ethicWhat is exhibited when you achieve congruence between what you know, what you say, and what you do?integrityAccording to your text, a strong predictor of what individuals' value is determined by:how you spend your timeValue systems may be divided into three categoriesthing, idea, and people orientedDr. Randy Pausch delivered a lecture in 2007 at Carnegie Mellon University that became known as the "last lecture" becauseHe was dying and wanted this to be his legacy for his childrenIndividuals that enjoy devising strategies and creating solutions to complex problems most likely have which value orientation?ideaValues can give usall of the aboveWhich of the following is NOT listed as some of the guidelines for character development?take good care of your children and aging parentsCharacter traits such as honesty, loyalty, and fairness are often associated withMoral valuesthe question, "How would i feel if the details of this situation appeared on the front page of the local newspaper"? has to do withethicsAccording to Frankl, what distinguishes us as humans isour search for purposeAccording to the text, our __________ represent(s) the blueprint or guideline for the choices and decisions we make throughout our lifevalue systemA value refers to the personal worth that we place on anAll of the AboveIn making value compromises, it is very important that we understand our __________.prioritieseverything we do, every decision we make, and every course of action we take is based on our consciously or unconsciously held beliefs, attitudes, and valuesTrueValues tend to come from one primary source, such as our familyfalseIntegrity is exhibited when you achieve congruence between what you say, know, and doTrueAccording to Howard Figler, a life planning specialist, one half of knowing what you want in life is knowing what?what you're willing to give upAccording to Stephen Covey, there are four human needs. What are they?to live, to love, to learn, to leave a legacySelf actualization needs in Maslow's Hierarchy of Needs areHigher than safety and security needsDavid Campbell's book, If you don't know where you're going, You'll probably end up somewhere else, is most likely referring to what?it is each individual's responsibility to planAll of the following are criteria for goal setting suggested by your authors except:goals should be approved by others in advanceSetting and achieving a goal might be a definition forsuccessWhat is your text referring to by the following statements? You can't save it and use it later. You can't elect not to spend it. You can't borrow it. You can't leave it. Nor can you retrieve it. You can't take it with you either.timeThe right attitude when dealing with time and your goal setting might beyou cannot manage time but you can manage yourselfTime wasters are defined asanything preventing you from achieving your objectives most effectivelyYour authors compare life to a chair in order to suggest that life must have:balanceThe purpose of prioritizing our goals isall of the aboveFulfilling oneself as creative, unique individuals according to his/her own innate potentialities is a meaningful definition ofSelf-ActualizationThe concept that a small percentage of our efforts yield the majority of the results is referred to in the text as what?the 80-20 principleWhich of the following is a choice we have regarding situations in our lives?All of the AboveAccording to author David Johnson, a basic tenet of all individuals who wish to succeed in any endeavor is:I have to be willing to succeedAccording to your authors, all of the following contribute to success except:having financial securityAll of the following are common time wasters listed in your text exceptillnessAccording to Martin Seligman, to really be happy you must lead what kind of life?to be contentAccording to your text, you cannot manage time; you can only manage yourselftrue