Chapter 10 Quiz

Jamaria expects to graduate from college, attend medical school, get married, and have three children by the time she is 36 years old. According to the text, what is Jamaria creating?
a. scenario
b. life-span construct
c. social clock
d. life story
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Janna was held in a Nazi concentration camp and barely escaped as a teenager. Now a U.S. citizen, she believes in strong punishment for people who wear or display a swastika (the Nazi symbol). What type of thinking does this most accurately illustrate?
a. situation-specific implicit social beliefs
b. moral reasoning based on postformal thought
c. stage 6 of reflective thinking
d. emotion-based rather than cognitive-based thought
The difference between edgework and reckless behavior is: a. expertise and planning. b. the extent of the risk. c. the chance of death. d. spontaneity.a. expertise and planning.Bob is showing a decline in memory as he ages, but an increase in crystallized intelligence, whereas Elysée is showing the opposite as she ages. Together, they demonstrate Baltes's concepts of which of the following? a. multidirectionality and interindividual variability b. multimodality and plasticity c. multidirectionality and plasticity d. fluid intelligence and interindividual variabilitya. multidirectionality and interindividual variabilityAndrea changed her positive impression about the new CEO after receiving negative information. Andrea's impression formation tells us that she is likely: a. a child. b. in grade school. c. a young adult. d. an older adult.d. an older adult.People who quickly solve a maze problem are higher in? a. parietal-frontal neural integration b. crystalized intelligence c. fluid intelligence d. pre-frontal neural integrationc. fluid intelligenceAmerican men of what descent are less likely to die as young adults than men of Alaskan descent? a. European b. African c. Amerindian/Alaskan d. Asian and Pacific Islandera. EuropeanAttributing success to one's ability relative to one's efforts yields greater satisfaction in? a. adolescence b. younger adults c. older adults d. childrenc. older adultsStudents who entered the workforce before attending college are called? a. second-timers b. rescued adult students c. returning adult students d. reused adult studentsc. returning adult studentsHow does the developmental pattern of personal control change from childhood through to old age? a. Primary and secondary control increase across the life span. b. Primary and secondary control decrease across the life span. c. With age, primary control is stable while secondary control decreases. d. With age, secondary control increases while primary control declines.d. With age, secondary control increases while primary control declines.Which behavior is the biggest contributor to health problems in the United States? a. fighting b. smoking c. drinking alcohol d. use of illicit drugsb. smokingWhich of the following have studies shown are the two most important social influences on health? a. drinking and risk-taking b. smoking and income c. ethnicity and diet d. educational level and socioeconomic statusd. educational level and socioeconomic status