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The Appendicular Skeleton (questions)

Where is the only direct connection between the pectoral girdle and the axial skeleton?

where the clavicles connect to the manubrium

How is the scapula attached to the axial skeleton?

by muscle attachment

Which bone articulates with the scapula at the glenoid cavity?

the head of the humerus

Which bone of the forearm is lateral in the anatomical position?


Bill accidentally fractures his first distal phalanx with a hammer. Which part of which finger is broken?

the tip of the thumb

Each hip or coxal bone is formed by the fusion of three bones. Which three bones make up a hip bone?

Ilium, Ischium, and Pubis

Which 3 bones meet inside the acetabulum?

Ilium, Ischium, and Pubis

What is the pelvic outlet and what are the bone landmarks?

the boundaries of the pelvis; coccyx, 2 ischial tuberosities and pubic synthesis

When you are seated, which part of the pelvis bears your body's weight?

the ischial tuberosities

The fibula neither participates in the knee joint nor bears weight. When it is fractured, however, walking becomes difficult. Why?

Important point of attachment for leg muscles. Muscles cannot function properly to move the leg and walking is difficult and painful

While jumping off the back steps at the house, 10-year-old Joey lands on his right heel and breaks his foot. Which foot bone is most likely broken?


Which foot bone transmits the weight of the body from the tibia toward the toes?

the talus

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