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7th Grade, Social Studies Chapter 6, Section 1

He opposed the colonists' efforts to take his people's land. He was called King Philip by the English
These are civilians who served as soldiers.
These are killed, injured or captured soldiers.
Albany Plan of Union
This, written by Benjamin Franklin, called for all the colonies except for Georgia to unite.
Edward Braddock
He was sent by King George II to command the British forces in North America. He was not skilled in frontier fighting, which was why he lost at Fort Duquense.
Treaty of Paris
This was a treaty signed in 1763 which ended the war between Great Britain and France.
Chief Massasoit
Metacomet's father.
King Philip's War
a war between the Puritan colonies and Native Americans in 1675-1676
Algonquian and Huron
Trading partners of the French
Trading partners of the English
French more than English
The American Indians trusted this group more than the second group.
Those things you require for survival, such as food and clothing.
Things which you wish to have or enjoy, but not things necessary for survival.
Why some Indians aligned with the colonists to fight against Metacomet's forces
Because those two groups relied on each other to trade for things they wanted.
Needs and Wants
Trade between Native Americans and the colonists helped to illustrate this economic idea.
France and England
Both wanted control of both Europe and North America
King William's War
This lasted from 1689 to 1697 but did not change colonial boundaries in North America.
Queen Anne's War
1702-1713, 2nd war between French and colonists. Great Britain gained some ground in what is not Newfoundland and Nova Scotia
King George's War
Fought in the 1740's, did not have much effect on the colonies.
Ohio Valley
This is where the French built three forts.
Fort Duquesne
This was built by the French on land they drove the British from
Fort Necessity
This was a simple fort built by George Washington. Washington surrendered there in 1754.
Washington's surrender
This was the start of the French and Indian War
French and Indian War
This was contested between France and England.
Seven Years' War
Another name for the French and Indian War.
Turning point of French and Indian War
This occurred in 1759, when British general James Wolfe captured Quebec.
Impact of Treaty of Paris
Canada was given to Britain, Florida was given by Spain to Britain, Britain now had most land in North America (only Spain had some territory in North America).
Family Compact of 1761
This was between France and Spain and stated "whoever attacked one crown, attacked the other". This is why Spain entered the Seven Year's War.