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what are barriers to treatment
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types of biomedical therapies for anxiety, agitation and panicanti anxitytypes of anti anxiety for anxiety agitation and panicxanax, valium, ativantypes of biomedical therapies for bipolar disordermood stabilizerstypes of mood stabilizers for bipolar disorderlithium, lamictaltypes of biomedical therapies for adhdstimulantstypes of stimulants for adhdadderall, ritalintypes of therapy modalitiesindividual therapy group therapy couples therapy family therapywhat is cultural competence-understanding and addressing issues of race, culture, and ethnicity -recognize multiple client identities and integrating into treatment as appropriatewhat is evidence based practicemaking clinical decisions based on researchintegration of the best available research with clinical expertise in the context of patient characteristics, culture, and preferences is whatevidence based practicewhat are typical characteristics of evidence based practicetreatment manuals and trainingqualities of evidence-based treatment: number of research studiesreplicabilityqualities of evidence based treatment: quality of research studies-rcts best evaluation method -random assignment -representativequalities of evidence-based treatment: whether experts agree that the treatment works-published results in peer reviewed journals -meta analyses/review -recommendations via institute of medicineEvidence based research criticisms-what is there is no research on the topic -what if the person doesnt fit the demographics of the RCT sample -what if the first line treatment doesnt work -what if there is no provider in my area that can competently provide the treatment with the best evidencepsychodynamic therapy: freudpsychological problems result from repressed impulses and trauma in childhoodplay therapy-psychoanalytic based -children play out hopes, fantasies, or trauma using dolls or figurines -can be non-directive (observing) or directive (asking questions)humanistic therapygoal is to help people achieve their potential and become more aware and accepting of themselves -focuses on present conscious thoughttype of humanistic therapyclient centered therarpyclient centered therapynon-directive -helps person identify conflicts and understand feelingswhat is wave 1 of behavioral therapybehaviorismwhat is wave 2 of behavioral therapycognitive behavioral therapy (CBT)what is wave 3 of behavioral therapy"third wave" CBTswave 1 of behavioral therapy-operant conditioning -classical conditioningwave 2 of CBT-albert ellis and aaron beck -integrated thoughts and beliefs (cognitions)third wave of behavioral therapyfocus on health and well being acceptance, mindfulness, personal values, and spirituality are incorperated