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Air masses are usually classified according to their ____ and ____.

wind direction; precipitation type

temperature; pressure

temperature; humidity

humidity; wind direction

pressure; humidity
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What type of weather front would likely be responsible for the following weather forecast? "Increasing cloudiness and warm today with the possibility of showers by this evening. Turning much colder tonight. Winds southwesterly becoming gusty and shifting to northwesterly by tonight."

cold front


stationary front

warm front

warm-type occluded front
Compared to an mP air mass, mT air is colder and moister warmer and drier warmer and moister colder and calmer warmer and windierwarmer and moisterIn winter, which sequence of clouds would you most likely expect to observe as a warm front with precipitation approaches your location?cirrus, cirrostratus, altostratus, and nimbostratusA good source region for an air mass would be:generally flat areas of uniform composition with light surface windsRecord breaking low temperatures are associated with which air mass? mT cP mA mP cTcPWhat type of air mass would be responsible for refreshing cool, dry breezes after a long summer hot spell in the Central Plains? cT cP mT mA mPcP